What is figure of merit of moving coil galvanometer?

What is figure of merit of moving coil galvanometer?

Figure of merit of a galvanometer is the reciprocal of current sensitivity. Galvanometer deflection is proportional to the amount of current passed through it. The resistance of the coil of the galvanometer is called the resistance of the galvanometer.

What is formula of figure of merit?

It is defined as the current which produces a deflection of one scale division in the galvanometer and is given by. G =θI​=N.

What is objective of figure of merit table galvanometer characteristic experiment?

Objective. To determine the resistance of a galvanometer by half deflection method and to find its figure of merit.

What is the figure of merit of a galvanometer if current I produce a deflection θ in it?

The figure of merit of the galvanometer 60μA/division. In the absence of shunt resistance, the galvanometer produces a deflection of θ=9 divisions when current flows in the circuit.

What is the SI unit of figure of merit?

Figure of merit is the amount of current been passed in the unit of deflection in a galvanometer. Its SI unit is Ampere per division.

Why we use half deflection method?

The half deflection method is used to find out the resistance of a galvanometer. When the key K2 is also closed the galvanometer and shunt resistance will be in and parallel and net resistance will be reduced. This time the deflection shown in the galvanometer will reduce to half.

What is figure of merit of galvanometer formula?

We can find the figure of merit of the galvanometer by using the equation, k= E/(R+G)θ.

What is E in Figure of Merit?

The figure of merit , K =E /[(R+G)Q] (2) Where E is the end of the cell and Q is the deflection produced with resistance R. The maximum current that can pass through the galvanometer , Ig=nk.

What is the unit of galvanometer?

Ampere unit
What is the SI unit of the merit of the galvanometer? The Ampere unit is its SI unit.

What is the SI unit of voltmeter?

Complete answer. It is asked in the problem that which physical quantity has SI unit of Volt-meter. The SI unit of the potential difference is Volt and the SI unit of the distance is meter. We need a physical quantity that has its SI unit as Volt-meter. Flux is the physical quantity which has SI unit Voltmeter.

What is equal deflection method?

The jockey is tapped along the wire to locate the equipotential point D when the galvanometer shows no change in deflection. Point D is now called the balance point and Kelvin’s method is thus an equal deflection method.

Is the figure of merit of galvanometer?

The quantity of current required to produce a deflection of one division in the galvanometer is called figure of merit of a galvanometer . It is represented by K . Its unit is ampere per division .