What is Gartner enterprise architecture?

What is Gartner enterprise architecture?

Enterprise architecture (EA) is a discipline for proactively and holistically leading enterprise responses to disruptive forces by identifying and analyzing the execution of change toward desired business vision and outcomes.

How does enterprise architecture drive strategy?

At its core, enterprise architecture refers to the configuration of IT resources in service of an organization’s business strategy. It creates alignment among a company’s strategic goals, its existing business processes, the data and information created, and the underlying infrastructure that supports it.

Why enterprise architecture is important in the business innovation?

“Today’s enterprise architects are responsible for designing intelligence into the business and operating models, identifying ways to help their organization use data, analytics and artificial intelligence to plan, track and manage digital business investments.”

How has the role of enterprise architect evolved?

Research firm Gartner has noted that the enterprise architecture function, in particular, has evolved from a support role to a show-runner position. The company has predicted that, by 2023, around 60% of companies will depend on their Enterprise Architects to lead their approach to digital innovation.

What are the six basic elements of Enterprise Architecture?

What are the six basic elements of enterprise architecture?

  • Architecture management. Each enterprise will need an oversight team for the architecture.
  • Architecture framework.
  • Implementation methodology.
  • Documentation artifacts.
  • Architecture repository.
  • Associated best practices.

What makes a good enterprise architect?

In summary, good and appreciated architects are very customer-driven, excel at finding value for their organization and customers, communicate well both with businessmen/businesswomen and IT personnel, are not architecture model freaks, know measurement techniques inside out, meet their organization’s objectives and …

What is enterprise architecture example?

An enterprise architecture (EA) is a conceptual blueprint that defines the structure and operation of organizations. For example, programmers and other technical IT professionals regard enterprise architecture strategies in terms of the infrastructure, application and management components under their control.

What is the goal of enterprise architecture?

The purpose of enterprise architecture is to create a map of IT assets and business processes and a set of governing principles that drive an ongoing discussion about business strategy and how it can be expressed through IT.

Why is the enterprise architecture so important?

Enterprise architecture will help multiple departments in a business understand the broader business model and articulate challenges and business risks. Because of this, enterprise architecture has an important role in unifying and coordinating departmental processes across an organization.

What is the role of the IT architect?

The primary duties of an IT architect are to design and maintain computer networks. Architects use computer design software to model and test network plans prior to implementation. Additionally, they may use these programs to simulate adding new hubs, changing routers or making other modifications to existing networks.