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What is jamon de bellota?

What is jamón de bellota?

The finest grade is called jamón ibérico de bellota (acorn). This ham is from free-range pigs that roam oak forests (called dehesas) along the border between Spain and Portugal and eat only acorns during this last period.

What is abanico ibérico de bellota?

Abanico Iberico is the part that wraps the Iberico ribs from the outside. It is a thin piece, very marbled, which makes it the perfect Iberian pork cut to cook on the barbecue producing tasty, juicy and crispy slices of delicious pork.

What is Jabugo ham?

Jabugo is a province of Huelva (Andalusia, Spain), this province is known for having a really long history as Iberico Ham producers. These Hams and Shoulders are characterized by an unmatched flavour and aroma that is obtained thanks to a totally unique climatic conditions found in the region of the Sierra de Huelva.

What is paleta de bellota?

This is our finest small jamon – melt-in-your-mouth acorn-fed jamon in a smaller package. Produced by Fermin (pronounced Fair-meen) in Salamanca, Spain, this jamon is known worldwide for its consistent top quality and delicate, sweet flavor. …

Why is Jamon so expensive?

The first reason the ham is so expensive is that it is only produced in a small number of districts in Spain, as well as certain areas of Portugal. As with many famous European products, it’s protected by the European’s Protected Designation of Origin system, which also protects items such as Champagne.

What is Secreto pork?

The pork secreto is cut from the outside of the pork shoulder which makes for an amazing cut of meat – with the consistency of a ribeye cap but the look of a skirt steak. Chef Tip – Use a conservative amount of seasoning, as the pork secreto carries a heavy flavor of its own. Cut: Outside of Pork Shoulder.

What is Iberico collar?

Iberian Pork Boneless Collar, or ‘Neck’, is found between the head and shoulders of the Spanish Pata Negra pigs. With the marbling of fat within the muscle, this piece of meat is not only well worked, but also tastes fantastic. Cooking tips. For this cut, we recommend a simple slow roast.

What is the difference between Jamon and Paleta?

So what is the difference? “Jamon” meaning ham always refers to the back leg of the pig, “Paleta” is the front leg. The rear leg is a substantial ham weighing in at around 7 – 8 kg. This leg is almost twice the size and weight of the Paleta.

What is Paleta ham?

‘Paleta Iberica’ or Iberico Ham Shoulder is the most appreciated Jamon in the Spanish families due to its size and flavour. The finest ones are cured for 36 months and that provides an exquisite and intense flavour as the meat is closer to the bone than in Iberico Ham legs. A true favourite in Spanish kitchens!