What is limmy accent?

What is limmy accent?

All in all, Limmy’s Show is original and refreshingly unconventional, as well as being funny. It’s worth mentioning again the significance of the accents you’ll hear in Limmy’s Show. As I said, they’re all Scottish, specifically Glaswegian.

Where can I watch limmy’s show?

Watch Limmy’s Show, The Collection | Prime Video.

How old is limmy?

46 years (October 20, 1974)

How many episodes of limmy are there?

Limmy’s Show/Number of episodes

Is limmy Scottish?

Brian Limond (born 20 October 1974), known as Limmy, is a Scottish comedian. While working as a website designer and Flash developer, he began releasing comedy on his website and blog,, which contained various Flash-based projects.

Is limmy a character?

Limmy’s Show! is a Scottish surreal comedy sketch show broadcast on BBC Two Scotland, written and directed by Brian “Limmy” Limond, who stars as himself and a variety of characters in a series of observational, surreal, dark and bizarre sketches. The show has received a cult following since its release.

Who is Limmys wife?

Occupation Comedian, streamer
Years active 2006–present
Partner(s) Lynn McGowan (2000–present)
Children 1

What is adventure call?

Falconhoof – The humble, soft-spoken and consistently well-intentioned costumed host of “Adventure Call”, a live televised call-in show in which he guides players through a fantasy role-playing game in order to win cash prizes.

What is limmy short for?

Website. Brian Limond (born 20 October 1974), known as Limmy, is a Scottish comedian.

Why did limmy’s show stop?

But you’ll be very disappointed, like we were, to discover that BBC Scotland turned down the chance of a sitcom revolving around him. When we asked if Limmy’s Show might return, Brian said: “I don’t think so. BBC Scotland said no. “The reasons that he gave was that he thought it was too ‘wordy’.

Is limmy Scottish or Irish?

What does the name limmy mean?

Limmy Means. Thanks! L is for luxury, the luxury of your smile.