What is meant by orderly allowance?

What is meant by orderly allowance?

Orderly Allowance has been allowed to Brig and above on the lines of the civil officers on provision of a certificate that no residence orderly by any nomenclature was provided for the period.

What is the salary of 17 grade officer in Pakistan?

Update on Public Sector Wages (2017)

A Comparative Overview of last five Basic Pay Scales (2008-2017)
Basic Pay Scales 2017
16 30 18,910
17 20 30,370
18 20 38,350

How is additional charge allowance calculated?

The revised rate of charge allowance will be 4% for holding full additional charge and that for discharging current duties will be 2% of the minimum of the scale of pay of additional post, with effect from 1/02/2016. The maximum period for which charge allowance is payable will be 3 months.

What is the salary of BPS 12?

Pay Chart Scale 2021 for Federal, Punjab Government

Basic pay ARA-2016 (10%)
BPS-10 12160 1018
BPS-11 12570 1051
BPS-12 13320 1114
BPS-13 14260 1193

What is Urdali allowance?

The meaning of Ardali Allowance is the full salary is given to a senior officers of specific department to hire the Civil servants for civil work.

What is home orderly allowance?

Orderly Allowance is paid to Judicial Officers on deputation to Supreme Court Registry at the same rate that the Judicial Officer was getting in the parent office. No demands have been received regarding this allowance. Analysis and Recommendations. It is recommended that status quo may be maintained.

What is the salary of a civil servant?

Federal Civil Service Salary

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $109,500 $9,125
75th Percentile $90,000 $7,500
Average $64,530 $5,377
25th Percentile $37,000 $3,083

What is CSS salary?

Furthermore, once their training is completed, a CSS Officer is posted in BS-17 either in the field or in the headquarters. The average starting salary of a CSS officer currently is around Rs30,000 these days.

What is FR 53?

F.R. 53. ( A Government servant under sus- pension or deemed to have been placed under sus- pension by an order of the appointing authority shall.

What is FR 35?

The undersigned is directed to state that in terms of the provisions contained in Fundamental Rule 35 (FR 35), the Central Government may fix the pay of an officiating Government servant at an amount less than admissible under the Fundamental Rules.

Is BPS 16 gazetted?

Government of Sindh, Services, General Administration & Coordination Department (Regulation Wing) has issued Notification on 21-03-2019 in connection with Clarification BPS-16 as Gazetted in Class-II.

What is the maximum limit of medical allowance?

Rs.15,000 per year
FAQs on Medical Allowance Medical reimbursement can be claimed up to a maximum of Rs. 15,000 per year. The maximum amount that can be claimed as deduction for medical allowance is Rs. 15,000 per year.

What does an allowance mean in a contract?

An allowance is an amount established in the contract documents for inclusion in the contract sum to cover the cost of prescribed items not specified in detail. Variations between such amounts and the finally determined cost of the prescribed items will be reflected in change orders appropriately adjusting the contract sum.

When do I need to see a work order for an allowance?

Contractors should provide a work order for the allowance immediately upon completion of the work or purchase of material. Customers should insist on seeing work orders for every project when allowances come into play.

Which is the best example of an allowance?

Recent Examples on the Web: Noun In April, the state legislature passed a law making permanent the allowance of curbside alcohol sales at those establishments that had been permitted carryout sales prior to the March 2020 executive order.

What’s the difference between an allowance and a contingency?

An easy way to remind oneself of the difference is: allowances are for known unknowns, and contingencies are for unknown unknowns. An allowance is an amount established in the contract documents for inclusion in the contract sum to cover the cost of prescribed items not specified in detail.