What is PopSet in MicroStation?

What is PopSet in MicroStation?

Introduced as a SELECT add-on application for MicroStation /J, PopSet manages the display of the Tool Settings dialog resulting in additional screen real estate and reduced mouse movement.

How to restore MicroStation defaults?

Option 2: As a command line switch within the application shortcut

  1. Right-click on the MicroStation shortcut icon and choose Properties.
  2. Go to the Shortcut tab.
  3. Place -restoredefaults after the current line in the Target field (…
  4. Press Apply and Ok.
  5. Run MicroStation from this shortcut.

How do I get my taskbar back in MicroStation?

Select Tools > Tasks from the pull down menus along the top of the screen. If there is a check box next to Tasks, then the Task Bar menus should be on.

What is PopSet?

PopSet is a database of DNA sequences which have been collected to study the relatedness within a particular population. PopSet is a database of “population” sequence data, in which the population is user-defined (individuals, species, orders, etc.)

How do you accept or reject in MicroStation?

Using the Data point and Reset buttons simultaneously is the default tentative mouse command. Click – tap the mouse button once. Double click – tap the mouse button twice quickly. Snap – locate an existing point on an element by using tentative , then a data point to accept.

How do I create a menu in MicroStation?

From “Customize” dialog box, select the “Menu Bar” tab. The right-hand window lists all of the current MicroStation pull-down windows. You need to highlight the window that you want your new pull-down window to be placed next to. Your menu will be added directly above the menu that you have highlighted.

How do I recover a file in MicroStation?

DWG Recover

  1. Open any other design file.
  2. Left-click the Utilities drop-down menu.
  3. Select DWG.
  4. Select Recover.
  5. Browse to and highlight the DWG file.
  6. Click OK.
  7. A message box opens and specifies how many errors were found and how many were fixed.
  8. Try to open the file in a normally with MicroStation.

What is PopSet NCBI?

The PopSet database is a collection of related DNA sequences derived from population, phylogenetic, mutation and ecosystem studies that have been submitted to GenBank.

How do I accept in MicroStation?

How do you accept complex chains in MicroStation?

MicroStation prompts:

  1. Create Complex Chain > Identify element (Identify the first element to include in the complex chain.)
  2. Create Complex Chain > Accept/Reject (Select next input) (Identify the next element to include in the complex chain and continue selecting elements in order until all elements are selected.

How do I create a drop down menu in MicroStation?

Load MicroStation and open any design file. Go to Workspace|Customize….You can create custom menu items based on your most common key-in commands.

  1. In the “Label:” field, enter what best describes the first option you will be adding to your custom pull-down menu.
  2. Repeat Steps 6 and 7 to add more menu items.

Does MicroStation create backup files?

By keying in the word ‘backup’ MicroStation creates a duplicate copy of you file. To control where the file is saved, use the configuration variable MS_BACKUP. If MS_BACKUP is not defined the file is saved in the current directory with a “.

Where is the tool settings window on my MicroStation?

Position your mouse cursor in somewhere near the center of the screen. Press Ctrl + Space on the keyboard. The Tool Settings window will be centered on your mouse cursor. You can enable the Ctrl + Space key-in even when the PopSet tool is disabled. Select OK.

How to change the background color in MicroStation?

Both of them are in menu workspace>preferences. In opened dialog box, choose category view options. If you simply want to switch the background to white or black, you can check/uncheck black background –> white. (1).

How to change the pointer size in MicroStation?

Check which element you want to override, then choose the color you want. You can also change the pointer/crosshair size to full view. Some people find crosshair at this size gives more convenient and accuracy.

How can I print a design file from MicroStation?

Single sheet printing of a dgn design file is completed from within MicroStation. In the past, the most commonly used method for printing a sheet file from MicroStation began by placing a fence around the contents you wished to print. This method should still be used when printing areas of a design file in which there is not