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What is Sorbact used for?

What is Sorbact used for?

Cutimed Sorbact gel is designed to be used in wounds with low to moderate exudate levels which may appear to be critically colonised or infected. Cutimed Sorbact gel can also be used to assist in the debridement of sloughy tissue.

What is Cutimed Sorbact swab used for?

The Cutimed® Sorbact® wound swabs are applied onto the wound as a primary dressing so that it has direct contact with the wound bacteria and fixed in place with a secondary dressing.

What is Cutimed used for?

The Cutimed® Sorbact® dressing range can be used on: Postoperative wounds and dehisced wounds Traumatic wounds Chronic wounds such as venous, arterial, diabetic foot and pressure ulcers Wounds following excision of fistulae and abscesses Fungal infections.

Can Cutimed Sorbact be cut?

Cutimed® Sorbact® Hydroactive B is suitable for use in combination with low pressure compression therapy for contaminated, colonized or infected exuding wounds. Cutimed® Sorbact® Hydroactive B should not be cut to shape wound. Avoid overlapping two or more Cutimed® Sorbact® Hydroactive B dressings.

How do you use Sorbact?

Sorbact® is applied to the wound and the presence of moisture makes micro- organisms bind to the dressing. Reducing the microbial load in a wound may help to promote healing. Sorbact® should be applied directly to the wound surface.

How long does Cutimed Sorbact last?

On average, they stay in place for two to three days. In wounds showing clinical signs of infection the dressing may be changed more often, as the local protocol requires.

What type of dressing is Sorbact?

Sorbact® Absorption Dressing is a bacteria- and fungi binding wound dressing, based on Sorbact® technology, for moderately to highly exuding wounds. Sorbact® Absorption Dressing absorbs and retains exudate, thereby reducing the risk of maceration. The dressing can be used in compression therapy.

How do you use Sorbact compress?

How to apply Sorbact® Compress. Clean the wound, place the compress directly on the wound surface, folded or unfolded. If the wound is deep, fluff up the compress and push it down into the wound without compressing it. If the compress needs to be cut, dispose of any excess material.

What kind of dressing is Cutimed Sorbact?

Cutimed® Sorbact®, featuring DACC Technology, is a bacteria-binding dressing that removes bacteria using a physical mode of action without any chemically active ingredients.

How do you use Sorbact gel dressing?

Sorbact® is applied with the green Sorbact® surface in direct contact with the wound bed. Microbes bind to the dressing in the presence of moisture. Bound microbes are removed when the dressing is changed.

What is Bactigras dressing?

Bactigras* is an antiseptic, soft paraffin dressing which soothes and protects the wound whilst helping to reduce wound infection and inflammation. It has low adherence and allows the wound to drain freely into an absorbent secondary dressing.