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What is Stdarg H used for?

What is Stdarg H used for?

h is a header in the C standard library of the C programming language that allows functions to accept an indefinite number of arguments. It provides facilities for stepping through a list of function arguments of unknown number and type.

Which of the following macros are defined in Stdarg H?

Explanation: The header file stdarg. h has three macros defined in it. They are va_start(), va_arg() and va_end().

What is an argument list in C++?

In these cases, C++ provides type checking only for the explicitly declared arguments. You can use variable argument lists when you need to make a function so general that even the number and types of arguments can vary. The family of functions is an example of functions that use variable argument lists.

What is VA list in C?

The C library macro void va_start(va_list ap, last_arg) initializes ap variable to be used with the va_arg and va_end macros. The last_arg is the last known fixed argument being passed to the function i.e. the argument before the ellipsis. This macro must be called before using va_arg and va_end.

What is a Va_list?

va_list is a complete object type suitable for holding the information needed by the macros va_start, va_copy, va_arg, and va_end. If a va_list instance is created, passed to another function, and used via va_arg in that function, then any subsequent use in the calling function should be preceded by a call to va_end.

What is argument list?

ARGUMENT LIST. A list of cases put down for the argument of some point of law.

What is a va_list?

What does Va_arg return?

va_arg returns the value of the next argument in the list. The type is always the same as the second argument to va_arg . In certain cases, arguments are converted when they are passed to another type.

What is Vprintf?

The C library function int vprintf(const char *format, va_list arg) sends formatted output to stdout using an argument list passed to it.

What does Va_start return?

The va_start function does not return anything.