What is synsacrum What is its function?

What is synsacrum What is its function?

The synsacrum is a unit formed by the fusion of the posterior thoracic, lumbar, and sacral vertebrae. Fusions of these bones make birds sturdy and indirectly lighter by decreasing the number of muscles necessary to control individual vertebrae.

What do you mean by synsacrum?

: a solidly fused series of vertebrae in the pelvic region in birds, dinosaurs, and pterosaurs comprising usually the last rib-bearing or thoracic vertebra, the two sacral vertebrae, and a varying number of caudal vertebrae — compare sacrum.

Where is the synsacrum found?

Normal Anatomy Depending on the species, there may be consolidation of a series of cranial vertebrae, termed the notarium, or fusion of a series of caudal vertebrae, termed the synsacrum, which is a fusiform structure located on the underside of the pelvis.

What is pygostyle synsacrum?

In bird: Skeleton. …to 23 fused vertebrae, the synsacrum, to which the pelvic girdle is fused. Posterior to the synsacrum is a series of free tail (caudal) vertebrae and finally the pygostyle, which consists of several fused caudal vertebrae and supports the tail feathers.

What is the synsacrum made up of?

a dorsal ridge of bone in the pelvic region of birds, formed by the fusion of certain thoracic, lumbar, sacral, and caudal vertebrae.

What is the function of pygostyle?

The pygostyle is an important structure that serves to mount the tail feathers, providing critical control surfaces, especially during takeoff and landing.

What do you mean by pygostyle?

1 : a plate of bone that forms the posterior end of the vertebral column in most birds and is formed by the union of vertebrae.

What is the Synsacrum made up of?

What do you mean by Pygostyle?

What is the purpose of the pygostyle?

Do humans have pygostyle?

At the base of a bird’s spine several vertebrae are fused to form a bone called the pygostyle which humans do not possess. The pygostyle forms a strong structure for the attachment of muscles and tail feathers which are critical to take off and landing.

What is pygostyle anatomy?

Pygostyle describes a skeletal condition in which the final few caudal vertebrae are fused into a single ossification, supporting the tail feathers and musculature. The pygostyle is the main component of the uropygium, a structure colloquially known as the bishop’s nose, parson’s nose, pope’s nose, or sultan’s nose.