What is Tao Hong Si Wu Tang used for?

What is Tao Hong Si Wu Tang used for?

Tao-Hong-Si-Wu decoction (TSD) as a traditional chinese medicine (TCM) has been developed to treat thrombotic diseases for hundreds of years, and vascular dementia (VD) is a cognitive dysfunction syndrome caused by cerebral embolism.

What is Tao Hong Si Wu Wan?

Tao-Hong-Si-Wu-Tang (THSWT) is a famous traditional Chinese herbal medicine formula, which has traditionally been used in China for about one thousand years. In addition, THSWT is traditionally used as folk remedy in the treatment of physical and mental fatigue in the southern part of China.

What is Si Jun Zi Tang used for?

Si-Jun-Zi Decoction is a famous Chinese medicine used to replenish qi and invigorate the functions of the spleen. It is used when there is a deficiency of qi of the spleen and stomach, which is marked by anorexia and loose bowels.

When should I take Gui Pi Tang?

Because Gui Pi Tang helps promote balance, its effects on sleep can vary person to person. For some people, taking it an hour before bed will help them to wind down and turn inward for an easier time falling asleep.

What does Liu Wei Di Huang Wan do?

Liu Wei Di Huang Wan (LWDHW), a traditional Chinese patent medicine containing six commonly used herbs (Rehmanniae radix, pulp of Cornus, yam, Poria cocos, Alisma orientalis, and Cortex moutan), is widely used to treat hypertension-related signs and symptoms in clinical practice for centuries in China.

What is Liu Jun Zi Tang used for?

Liu Jun Zi Tang (LJZT) has been used to treat functional dyspepsia and depression, suggesting its effects on gastrointestinal and neurological functions. LJZT is currently used as a complementary therapy to attenuate cisplatin-induced side effects, such as dyspepsia.

What is yin deficiency?

When an individual has a yin deficiency, it signals a lack of nourishment in the body which affects a person’s ability to cool down, calm down and establish harmony in the body. Here’s more on the principle of yin deficiency and its signs.

What is Gui Pi?

Gui Pi Wan (Gui Pi Pian, Gui Pi Tang, SpleenVive™, 归脾片) is a regarded Chinese herbal formula that strengthens the Spleen and the Heart. It is used to nourish the Blood, replenish Qi, and calm the mind in cases of overwork or stress.

What is in Bao He Wan?

Bao He Pian (Wan) contains Mai Ya (Barley Sprout) and Shen Qu (Medicated Leaven), and is expected to contain gluten….What is the formula composition?

Chinese hawthorn fruit Crataegus pillnatijida (Shan Zha)
Radish seed Raphanus sativus (Lai Fu Zi)
Barley dried germinated ripe fruit Hordeum vulgare (Mai Ya)

Which side of the body is yin?

The front of the body including the face, chest, abdomen, and inner parts of the legs and arms are yin. The upper back is yang and the lower back is yin. The chest is yang and the abdomen is yin.