What is Thawte Primary Root CA?

What is Thawte Primary Root CA?

Description: This root CA is the root used for Thawte Extended Validation Certificates and should be included in root stores. After June, 2010 this root will also be the primary root used for all Thawte SSL and Code Signing certificates. Organization = thawte, Inc.

Is Thawte now DigiCert?

Thawte is now part of Digicert with its completion of the Symantec web security acquisition.

Is Thawte legitimate?

Thawte is a globally renowned certificate authority and was the first CA to sell SSL certificates internationally. Thawte offers a range of SSL certificates including their SSL123, SGC SSL, and EV SSL at competitive prices. For latest and most up to date prices visit Thawte’s website.

Who bought Thawte?

In 2000, Thawte was acquired by Symantec and has become a key member of the Symantec family of trust brands. To date, Thawte has issued more than 945,000 SSL and code signing certificates since 1995, protecting identities and transactions in over 240 countries.

What is government root certification authority?

Root certificates are being issued by Certification Authorities (CA), which are companies or government agencies that have been authorized by browsers to issue TLS/SSL and code signing certificates.

Is DigiCert owned by Symantec?

On October 31, 2017, DigiCert, Inc. acquired from Symantec Corporation the business of providing and supporting Symantec’s Website Security and PKI products and services (the “Products”).

What does PKI stand for?

public key infrastructure
PKI is an acronym for public key infrastructure, which is the technology behind digital certificates.

What happens if root CA is compromised?

If a CA system compromise or signing key theft occurs, the CA’s certificate(s) must be revoked by any CAs that have issued certificates to it, all subjects that the compromised CA has issued certificates to must be notified that they will require new certificates, and all possible relying parties must be notified.

Can I trust DigiCert?

Browsers are made with a built-in list of trusted certificate providers (like DigiCert). For some sites, the certificate provider is not on that list. If this is the case, the browser will warn you that the Certificate Authority (CA) who issued the certificate is not trusted.

Is DigiCert legit?

According to independent survey company Netcraft, “DigiCert is the world’s largest high-assurance certificate authority, commanding 60% of the Extended Validation Certificate market, and 96% of organization-validated certificates globally.”

What is the primary goal of PKI?

The purpose of a PKI is to manage the public keys used by the network for public key encryption, identity management, certificate distribution, certificate revocation, and certificate management. Once enabled, users who enroll for a certificate are identified for later authentication or certificate revocation.