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What is the best RAM disk software?

What is the best RAM disk software?

The best free RAM Disk programs for Windows

  • AMD Radeon RAMDisk. AMD Radeon RAMDisk is not limited to devices equipped with AMD Radeon hardware.
  • Dataram RAMDisk Software. The resembles to AMD Radeon RAMDisk is obvious.
  • Gavotte RAMDisk.
  • ImDisk Toolkit.
  • OSFMount.
  • Softperfect RAM Disk.
  • StarWind RAM Disk.

Is a RAM disk worth it?

RAM Disks are really only ideal if you’re using a program that doesn’t normally use RAM as cache, and if you don’t care about losing the files stored on the RAM disk.

How do I use ImDisk?

Using ImDisk Toolkit

  1. Download ImDisk from
  2. Install the application.
  3. Double-click on the desktop icon labeled “RamDisk Configuration.”
  4. Adjust the disk size in the box at the top of the window.
  5. Click “OK” at the bottom of the window.

Are RAM disks fast?

The main advantage of a RAM Disk is speed. As shown in the graph, the speed of the RAM disk as compared to a Hard disk is typically up to 50 times faster for sequential reads and writes, and up to 200 times faster for small 4KB-size transfers.

Is ramdisk faster than NVMe?

Since most data is not bulk but bits, it is more important how fast the data is accessed than it is how much it can carry in one trip. This means that RAM can serve up data in memory 1000 times faster than a NVMe drive even though the file size they can carry is about the same.

How do I use external RAM?

And to do it effectively, the RAM must be physically close to the processor. If adding a RAM module externally were in any way possible, you would need either an expansion cable or connector, in which case, you might just end up creating an SSD (Solid State Drive). So, you cannot add extra RAM externally.

How do I install Windows on RAM?

To install the OS on the ram you would first need to have an OS installed on your HDD or SSD or pendrive and boot the system up with that OS. Then you would need to install the OS on the ram without rebooting because if it reboots your RAM empties.

Which is the latest version of the ImDisk driver?

This all-in-one package includes the ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver (2.0.10), the DiscUtils library that extends the number of supported image file formats, and adds several GUIs and features. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 (32 or 64-bit).

What does it mean to have ramdisk on your computer?

Third party software allows you to load most Windows systems and files onto your RAM, together with your frequently run software. RAMDisk is a program that takes a portion of your system memory and uses it as a disk drive. The more RAM your computer has, the larger the RAMDisk you can create.

Is there a free AMD ramdisk for Windows?

AMD Radeon RAMDisk is a free and commercial application for Windows to create a RAM disk — read memory drive — from system memory. Softperfect announced recently that its Ramdisk was no longer available for free.

How big of memory do you need for ramdisk?

For users that have more than 8GB of RAM in their computer and would like to utilize that memory for RAMDisk, license keys are available for purchase at various increments — up to 12GB, up to 24GB, up to 32GB and up to 64GB.