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What is the best sheep bolus?

What is the best sheep bolus?

Animax’s Allsure sheep boluses are becoming the go to bolus for sheep farmers around the country. -the reason: trace element deficiency in sheep is increasingly becoming a problem.

When should you bolus sheep?

Give your ewes their best chance of conceiving at the first opportunity – and keep lambing periods tight – by giving them a mineral bolus three weeks before tupping. That’s the advice from Ieuan Davies, Agrimin sales manager for Wales and Shropshire.

Why bolus sheep?

Giving a trace element leaching bolus before lambing will protect the ewes from suffering deficiencies at this critical period and the benefits will then be seen over the coming months. Trace elements are essential for energy production, growth, and the nervous system – so have a major impact on animal performance.

What is a bolus for sheep?

Boluses provide their nutrients on a slow release basis, designed to degrade at a consistent rate over a period anywhere from five months up to a year. Typically drenches for ewes are recommended both pre-tupping and pre-lambing.

What to give ewes before tupping?

Ewes should be flushed on good quality feed for 3 weeks before tupping to boost ovulation. Also, feeding 180-210 g of soya per day has also been shown to increase ovulation rate from 1.29 to 1.70 per ewe.

How long does a sheep bolus last?

The bolus lies in the reticulum at the forward base of the rumen and slowly dissolves from a constant surface area, thus providing a continuous supply of trace elements and vitamins to the animal for approximately 6 months. The bolus and the grinder dissolve completely leaving no residue in the reticulo/rumen.

What is sheep bolus?

ZincoIsel Sheep Bolus is a unique, soluble glass trace element bolus for sheep, which delivers rumen-available ionic zinc, ionic cobalt, iodine and selenium to the animal at a controlled and constant rate for up to four months.

What is Ewe bolus?

Multi Trace Element Bolus for Ewes and Rams. Slow Release. Containing Cobalt, Iodine, Selenium & Zinc. Lasts for up to 6 months. Delivers all the essential Trace Elements crucial for the key phases of lambing, breeding, growth & thrive.

How do you copper bolus a goat?

Copper for Goats Normally copper boluses are administered using a balling gun, which is basically a long plastic or stainless steel stick! You place the pill on the end of the stick, grab the goat in a head lock, and shove it in their mouth all the way to the back forcing them to swallow it.

How can I increase my sheep fertility?

4 simple ways to improve ewe fertility

  1. Keep bodyweight in check. Healthy bodyweight is a crucial for healthy fertility.
  2. Scan during pregnancy. Scanning your sheep during pregnancy will tell you how many lambs the ewe is carrying, which will help you plan each ewe’s diet.
  3. Control disease.
  4. Keep the best flock.