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What is the best ukulele concert or soprano?

What is the best ukulele concert or soprano?

Being a bit larger in size, the concert ukulele has a fuller sound and warmer tone with more mid-range than the soprano. Concerts also project better than the sopranos, making the overall volume a bit louder. The standard ukulele tuning of G/C/E/A applies to the concert size.

Are soprano and concert ukuleles tuned the same?

Although the names of the different sizes imply different tuning, you may be surprised to learn that soprano, concert, and tenor are tuned exactly the same to each other to g’- c’ – e’ -a’. The soprano ukulele has a shallow, plinky tone.

Is there a ukulele smaller than soprano?

Sopranino ukulele: A very small ukulele that is smaller than a soprano ukulele. The sopranino ukulele has ten frets and is 12 inches in length.

Is a concert ukulele easier to play than a soprano?

Since the concert ukulele has a larger body, the sound is warmer than the soprano ukulele. Sopranos are smaller, so their resonance surface is small. The strings of the concert ukulele are tighter and longer than those of the soprano. The long neck makes the length of the keys easier to play.

Which ukulele size is best for beginners?

soprano ukulele
The soprano ukulele is perfect for beginners as it is the ‘normal’ type of ukulele that most players start out with. The soprano ukulele has a bright yet soft tone and is the best beginner ukulele for those who want that classic uke sound. The average size of a soprano ukulele is 53cm long.

What ukulele size is best for beginners?

What kind of ukulele is best for beginners?

5 Best Ukuleles to Buy for Beginners

  • 1.) Makala Dolphin Soprano Ukulele.
  • 2.) Lanikai LU-21 Soprano Ukulele.
  • 3.) Donner Concert Mahogany Ukulele w/ Case, Strap and Tuner.
  • 4.) Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele.
  • 5.) Kala KA-TE Mahogany Tenor Ukulele.