What is the British equivalent of the FAA?

What is the British equivalent of the FAA?

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is responsible for the regulation of aviation safety in the UK, determining policy for the use of airspace, the economic regulation of Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports, the licensing and financial fitness of airlines and the management of the ATOL financial protection scheme …

How do you contact the CAA?

General enquiries and feedback Pilot licensing enquiries: Email [email protected]. Aircraft registration enquiries: Email [email protected]. Drone and model aircraft registration: Email [email protected] or telephone 0330 022 9930 (Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm).

What does the national aviation authority do?

Every country has a national aviation authority, also known as a civil aviation authority. These agencies govern and regulate civil aviation. For example, the FAA is the authority in the U.S. Most importantly, each aviation authority oversees aircraft airworthiness, the licensing of pilots, and air traffic controllers.

Who owns the Civil Aviation Authority?

the Department for Transport
The CAA has been a public corporation of the Department for Transport since then.

Who regulates the aviation industry?

the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
In the US, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is responsible for regulating air travel and air traffic management. The European Aviation Safety Agency adopts a similar role in Europe, drafting important safety regulations that determine how airlines should operate.

Who do I complain to about low flying helicopters?

the Ministry of Defence
Contact the Ministry of Defence ( MOD ) for information about low flying military aircraft in your area.

Is EASA a national aviation authority?

A European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) was created in 2003, with regulatory and executive tasks in the field of civilian aviation safety. It is not a national authority as such, and European Union members continue to have their own agencies.

Does ICAO have regulatory authority?

The primary function of a regulatory organisation is to comply with provisions of the Convention and to implement ICAO SARPS to ensure safe operation of aircraft on its national civil register & in its airspace.

How is the civil aviation authority funded?

Like most regulators in the UK, we are funded by the charges we levy on the industry we regulate. We are not funded by the UK tax payer and are legally required to cover the cost of our regulatory activity through charges on the industry.

Is the CAA leaving EASA?

Yes. The CAA will continue to recognise EU/EASA organsiation approval certificates current and valid on 31 December 2020 a period of up to two years, provided that the certificate was issued prior to the 31 December 2020.