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What is the cheapest Honda car in Philippines?

What is the cheapest Honda car in Philippines?

How much is the cheapest Honda car currently marketed in the Philippines? Honda Brio, particularly the S variant is the most affordable Honda vehicle in our market. As of writing this, the Honda Brio S 1.2 MT is priced at ₱598,000.

How much is Honda SUV in Philippines?

The Honda CR-V price in the Philippines starts at P1,678,000.00. The lowest price is the Honda CR-V 2.0 S AT, ranging all the way up to the Honda CR-V 1.6 SX DSL AT AWD Honda SENSING priced at P2,158,000.00….Buy your new Honda CR-V online!

Variants Price Promos
Honda CR-V 2.0 S AT Automatic Gasoline ₱1,678,000 Promo (1)

How much is the cheapest Honda car?

Least Expensive: The Civic LX sedan is Honda’s least expensive, along with the front-wheel-drive HR-V LX SUV. Both are priced in the $22,000 range. Most Expensive: Only 600 units of the Civic Type R Limited Edition hatchback will be available in the U.S., each with a sticker of around $45,000 before the likely markup.

How much is Honda Fit in Philippines?

Honda Fit for Sale in Philippines Price List. Honda Fit for Sale in Philippines Price List start at ₱480,000 for the inexpensive model Honda Fit and goes up to ₱480,000 for the most expensive car model Honda Fit.

How much is Honda Civic RS in the Philippines?

Honda Civic RS Turbo CVT is a 5 seater Sedan available at a starting price of ₱1.615 Million in the Philippines. It is available in 6 colors and CVT transmission option in the Philippines….Honda Civic Variants Price List.

Variant Price list
Honda Civic 1.8 S CVT ₱1.115 Million
Honda Civic 1.8 E CVT ₱1.188 Million

What is the best car in the Philippines?

10 Best-selling cars in the Philippines 2020

  • Toyota Fortuner – 8,494 units.
  • Mitsubishi Mirage G4 – 8,638 units.
  • Nissan Navara – 9,164 units.
  • Ford Ranger – 9,767 units.
  • Toyota Rush – 10,194 units.
  • Toyota Hiace – 10,362 units.
  • Toyota Innova – 10,551 units.
  • Toyota Wigo – 11,853 units.

Is a Honda better than a Toyota?

With the categories we looked at, it turns out that Toyota is the superior brand, having more vehicles, better prices, and superior reliability. However, when it comes to choosing between Honda or Toyota, Honda is no slouch either, having similar reliability ratings, affordable prices, and even better safety ratings.

Do Hondas last longer than Toyotas?

Toyota cars also consistently last longer than any given Honda. According to Consumer Reports, Toyota is the third-most reliable automaker, with the Corolla listed as its most dependable model. Honda didn’t even make the top 10 in terms of average reliability.

What is the cheapest car in Philippines?

That being said, here are the cheapest vehicles you can buy in the Philippines with a budget of P700,000.

  • Kaicene Honor S – P585,000.
  • Foton Gratour – P580,000.
  • Suzuki Celerio – P558,000.
  • Toyota Wigo – P568,000.
  • Suzuki Dzire – P549,900.
  • Changan Alsvin – P539,000.
  • Suzuki S-presso – P518,000.
  • BAIC MZ40 – P488,000.

What is the cheapest car in Philippines 2020?

Most affordable new cars for under P750,000 in 2020

  • Suzuki Dzire (P549,000 – P698,000)
  • Suzuki Ertiga (P738,000 – P993,000)
  • Suzuki S-Presso (P518,000)
  • Toyota Avanza (P743,000 – P1,077,000)
  • Toyota Vios (P671,000 – P1,071,000)
  • Toyota Wigo (P568,000 – P700,000)
  • Volkswagen Santana (P686,000 – P962,000)

What’s the price of a Honda car in the Philippines?

As of 19 June 2021, Honda car prices start at ₱601,000 for the most inexpensive model Brio and goes up to ₱3.18 Million for the most expensive car model Honda Civic Type-R. Currently Honda is offering 11 new car models in the Philippines.

Is there a Honda Accord in the Philippines?

Zigwheels provides you the Honda Philippines price list for July 2021, along with downpayment, monthly installments, and loan simulations for the Manila and nearby cities. Upcoming Honda cars in the Philippines include the Honda Accord. There are 40 authorized Honda car dealers across 38 cities in the Philippines.

How much does a Toyota Corolla cost in the Philippines?

Toyota Philippines Price List 2021 Toyota Models Price List Toyota 86 ₱2.086 – ₱2.186 Million Toyota Corolla Cross ₱1.285 – ₱1.65 Million Toyota FJ Cruiser ₱2.098 Million Toyota Corolla Altis ₱1.014 – ₱1.595 Million

How much does a Toyota Hilux cost in the Philippines?

Toyota Philippines Price List 2021 Toyota Models Price List Toyota Vios ₱681,000 – ₱1.02 Million Toyota Hilux ₱843,000 – ₱1.85 Million Toyota Wigo ₱568,000 – ₱700,000 Toyota Rush ₱983,000 – ₱1.1 Million