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What is the difference between AWWA C110 and C153?

What is the difference between AWWA C110 and C153?

Difference between Full Body and Compact Body mechanical joint fittings. Set by ANSI/AWWA the specifications for fittings correspond to C110 and C153 with the C110 being the original full body specification for cast iron. These fittings are lighter, easier to handle, and often have a shorter laying length.

What is a MJ fitting?

MJ stands for Mechanical Joint. It is a type of compression joint designed for underground connection for pipe, valves and fittings. An MJ seal is rated for 350 psi for 2″ to 24″ fittings, and to 250 psi for 30″ to 36″ fittings.

What is a MJ coupling?

The Mechanical Joint (MJ) Coupled Joint offers a method of providing joint restraint with a standard mechanical joint socket of a pipe, fitting, valve or other product. The MJ Coupled Joint is commonly used as a method of joint restraint for mechanical joint all-bell fittings and especially to restrain MJ valves.

What is a foster adapter used for?

Foster Adaptors take a lot of the extra work out of connecting mechanical joints. The bolt-through design makes the job fast and easy with far fewer bolts to tighten. Foster Adaptors come complete with all accessories.

What is AWWA C900?

Back to AWWA C900-07 Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pressure Pipe and Fabricated Fittings, 4 In. Through 12 In. ( 100 mm Through 300 mm), for Water Transmission and Distribution. The pipe is primarily intended for use in transporting potable water in buried installations.

How much can you deflect ductile-iron pipe?

Maximum deflection is 15° per joint in sizes up to and including 24-inch pipe; in sizes 30-inch and larger, maximum deflection varies from 12° to 15°.

What is Tyton joint?

The TYTON JOINT is simplicity itself. A single rubber sealing type joint that employs a circular rubber gasket assures a tight, permanent seal. This “push-on” type joint is simple to assemble and fast to install. Eliminates the need for bolts, nuts and glands.

What is flange joint?

A flange joint is a connection of pipes, where the connecting pieces have flanges by which the parts are bolted together. Although the word ‘flange’ generally refers to the actual raised rim or lip of a fitting, many flanged plumbing fittings are themselves known as flanges.

What is mechanical adapter?

A mechanical device used to align the shaft of an electric motor (or other rotary device) with the shaft of a hydraulic pump to maintain radial and parallel shaft alignment.

What is the difference between C900 and C905?

C900 pipe is delivered in standard laying lengths of 20 feet +/- 1 Inch. C900 pipe is also suitable for use in waste water force main services. C905 is a comparable standard for potable water PVC pressure pipe, designed for pipe and fittings with nominal sizes over 12 inches.