What is the Dodge Charger Police Package?

What is the Dodge Charger Police Package?

Available at no cost on the Charger Pursuit, the Officer Protection Package is designed to increase an officer’s situational awareness when parked and working inside the vehicle, using the Charger Pursuit’s ParkSense rear park assist system, ParkView rear backup camera and Rear Cross Path detection to alert an officer …

What is the Dodge police car?

Charger Pursuit
The Charger Pursuit is the newest addition the Dodge’s police cars, and contains heavy-duty suspension which ultimately aids when the police are pursuing a suspect. Not only this, but it has a 5.7 Hemi for an engine, which is the absolute best for highway patrol units.

Does Dodge make a police Interceptor?

Dodge makes cop cars, and that’s exactly what the Pursuit trim of its cars are geared toward here. For the latest model year of the Charger Pursuit and the Durango Pursuit, Dodge has added many new features to make their cars suitable for police work.

What is a dodge SSV?

Dodge does offer an SSV version of the Ram, which comes with an improved powertrain and alternator, heavy duty engine cooling, steel wheels and a specialized instrument panel. It’s the improved powertrain that clearly deserves the most attention, as it gives the Ram much more muscle in payload handling.

How much HP do police chargers have?

The official specs say that the engine makes 370 horsepower (276 kilowatts or 375 metric horsepower) and 395 pound-feet (536 Newton-meters) of torque. It runs through a five-speed automatic, rather than the eight-speed that a more modern version of this car would have.

Do police use Dodge Durangos?

The 2021 Dodge Durango Pursuit Police SUV Has a K9-Friendly Feature. Both Pursuit vehicles, filled with law enforcement-friendly features, were designed with input from actual police officers. The Dodge Durango SUV even has a unique component that keeps K9 patrols safe and comfortable while on the job.

Are police Chargers fast?

The Charger Pursuit—offered with a more powerful V-6 with all-wheel drive or a V-8 Hemi with rear-drive—both are now offered with the eight-speed automatic transmission for increased performance and fuel efficiency. We’re talking a top speed of 140 mph, which likely outpaces a majority of bad guys’ rides.

How much does a battering ram weight?

An average battering ram weighs about 30 pounds.

What is Dodge Durango Special Service?

The Dodge Durango Special Service SUV is specially designed to handle the rigors of everyday use by police and fire departments and fleet customers. Dodge Durango Special Service also has a customizable rear cargo area with under-floor storage compartments and additional storage in the side compartments.

What cars can outrun police?

Other notable vehicles that are able to outrun the cops include the Honda Civic Type R with a top speed of 272km/h(169mph) and the BMW 530i with a top speed of 250km(155mph). Still, if you are unlucky, there is a chance you might meet a Ford Mustang or a Chevrolet Camaro.