What is the economic importance of guinea worm?

What is the economic importance of guinea worm?

Economic Importance: In south-eastern Nigeria the guinea worm disease, dracunculiasis, is responsible for an 11.6% decrease in the total rice crop, valued at $20 million (how?

How does Guinea worm affect the body?

When the adult female worm is ready to come out, it creates a blister on the skin anywhere on the body, but usually on the legs and feet. This blister causes a very painful burning feeling and it bursts within 24-72 hours. Immersing the affected body part into water helps relieve the pain.

How is guinea worm diagnosis?

Diagnosis. Guinea worm disease is diagnosed through a simple physical exam. Health care providers look for the telltale white, stringy worm poking through the blister once the affected area has been immersed in water.

What countries are most affected by guinea worm?

The total of 54 cases in 2019 were reported from four countries: Angola (1 case), Chad (48 cases), South Sudan (4 cases) and Cameroon (1 case, likely imported from Chad).

What is the causes of guinea worm?

Dracunculiasis, also known as Guinea worm disease (GWD), is an infection caused by the parasite Dracunculus medinensis. A parasite is an organism that feeds off another organism to survive. GWD is spread by drinking water containing Guinea worm larvae.

Why is it called guinea worm?

The name dracunculiasis is derived from the Latin “affliction with little dragons”, while the name “guinea worm” appeared after Europeans saw the disease on the Guinea coast of West Africa in the 17th century. Other Dracunculus species are known to infect various mammals, but do not appear to infect humans.

Where is Guinea worm found in the body?

More than 90% of worms come out of the legs and feet, but worms can appear on other body parts, too. People in remote rural communities who have Guinea worm disease often do not have access to health care.

How do you know if your guinea pig has worms?

Checking for worms: if your guinea pig is off its food, lethargic, losing weight, bloated, or experiencing diarrhoea, then your guinea pig may have worms. In such cases, your pet will need to go to the vets quickly to get treated.

Are guinea worms painful?

When the adult female worm comes out of the skin, it can be very painful, take time to remove, and be disabling. Often, the wound caused by the emerging worm develops a secondary bacterial infection. This makes the pain worse and can increase the time an infected person is unable to function from weeks to months.

How many Guinea worm cases are there in 2020?

Today, that number has been reduced by more than 99.99 percent. In 2020, 27* human cases of Guinea worm disease were reported worldwide.

How do you get rid of worms in a guinea pig?

Fenbendazole (20 mg/kg once daily per os) or metronidazole (20-40 mg/kg twice daily per os) for 5 days can be used to treat infected guinea pigs. Infestation with Eimeria cavia is mostly relevant in groups, such as breeding groups or in the animal trade. Juveniles most commonly develop disease.