What is the fee for MBA in Symbiosis distance learning?

What is the fee for MBA in Symbiosis distance learning?

If the fee for the regular MBA is Rs 5-15 lakhs, the fee for Distance MBA is only around Rs. 1 lakh….Register for CAT 2021 & MBA Admissions Updates.

Name of the Institute Programme Duration Academic Fee
Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning 2 years Rs.37,000

Is it worth doing distance MBA from Symbiosis?

A: Symbiosis is ranked first among the top B-schools which offer Distance Learning education. SCDL offers an excellent range of programmes across various industries. SCDL also offers a very good curriculum and the faculty is excellent. Hence, distance MBA from Symbiosis is totally worth it.

Is there any entrance exam for Distance MBA in symbiosis?

Is there any entrance exam for distance MBA in Symbiosis? Ans. Yes, there is an entrance exam for getting admission in SCDL distance MBA. Aspirants who don’t have at least 3 years of working experience are required to clear the exam conducted by the university for getting an admission.

Which is best for distance learning MBA?

Some of the best Distance MBA colleges in India are:

  • NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education.
  • Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL)
  • IMT-Centre for Distance Learning (IMT-CDL) Ghaziabad.
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
  • Sikkim Manipal University- Distance Education, Sikkim….. Read More.

Can I get job after distance MBA?

After completing distance MBA programme a candidate can find various opportunities in sectors like Finance, Marketing, Insurance, Human Resources, Accounting, Risk Management, etc. They are as much eligible to apply for government jobs as full time MBA graduates. Banks, Railways, Airport, PSUs, etc.

How can I take admission in Symbiosis distance learning?

Answer: To take admission in SCDL PGDBA programme, students are required to purchase a prospectus cum application form. After filling up the application form, students are required to send it to SCDL with required documents. Clearing the entrance test is also required for getting admission.

Is distance MBA valid?

Now a distance education MBA degree is valid in both private and regular jobs. In a nutshell, a distance education MBA has the same value as a regular MBA does. Both the courses are accepted in government and private jobs. Although in some situations where an MBA is must, PGDM students can not apply.

When to pay for symbiosis distance learning MBA?

Students securing admissions in Symbiosis distance MBA can pay the course fee in two installments, i.e. within 15 days of admission and within 30 days of admissions or one-time payment. The fee structure for PG Diploma courses at SDCL is as under –

What kind of degree can you get with Symbiosis?

Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning offers correspondence education to students across the world. One of the most sought after degree/diploma is that of Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

How to get admission in symbiosis 2 years PGDBA?

Students need to purchase the admission form for getting admission in Symbiosis 2 years PGDBA program. . After filling up the application form, students are required to send the application form along with the required documents to SCDL Pune campus.

Where is Symbiosis Centre for distance learning in India?

Contact us. REGISTERED OFFICE: Symbiosis Bhavan 1065 B, Gokhale Cross Road, Model Colony, Pune – 411016, Maharashtra, India. +91-20-6621 1000 +91-20-6621 1040/6621 1041; [email protected]