What is the global force management implementation guidance?

What is the global force management implementation guidance?

The GFM process, implemented in 2005, enables SecDef to make proactive, risk-informed decisions in order to align forces against known CCDR requirements in advance of planning and deployment preparation timelines.

What is adaptive planning and execution?

(1) CJCSM 3130.02, “Adaptive Planning and Execution (APEX) Policies and Procedures,” will detail and describe the integration of the various APEX processes. It will describe the application of joint policies and procedures for the development and implementation of plans developed in crisis and non- crisis situations.

What is global force management?

Global Force Management allows the Secretary of Defense (SecDef) to strategically manage the employment of the force among CCDRs. It aligns force assignment, allocation, and apportionment methodologies in support of the Defense Strategy Review, joint force availability requirements, and joint force assessments.

What is the joint strategic campaign plan?

The JSPS is the method by which the Chairman fulfills statutory responsibilities under Title 10, U.S. Code, maintains a global perspective, leverages strategic opportunities, translates strategy into outcomes, and develops military advice for the Secretary of Defense (SecDef) and the President.

What is the joint planning process?

1. Introduction. Joint operation planning is the overarching process that guides CCDRs and/or JFCs to develop plans for the employment of military power within the context of national military objectives and strategy to shape events, meet contingencies, and respond to unforeseen crises.

What is a Depord?

Acronym. Definition. DEPORD. Deployment Order. Copyright 1988-2018, All rights reserved.

What is adaptive planning process?

Adaptive planning is an iterative process framework for organizing myriad information flows, analyses, issues and opinions that coalesce into strategic decisions. decision making—selection of strategic thrust, choices of options, and allocation of resources in light of mutually acceptable objectives.

What is Apex in army?

APEX is a combination of joint policies and procedures and automated data processing (ADP) support used to plan and execute joint military operations. APEX is a system which translates the National Command Authority’s (President and Secretary of Defense) decisions into combatant commander’s joint operations.

What is the purpose of force management?

Force Management is the all inclusive term for the process that determines (1) force requirements; (2) allocates resources; and (3) assesses utilization of the resources. Force Management is the capstone process to establish and field mission-ready Army organizations.

What is the global force?

We share an interest in global forces – economic, religious, and demographic changes; social movements; technological changes; and other globalizing forces that redefine the ability of individuals, families, and groups to form and maintain their own cross-border networks, national identity or redistribute political and …