What is the main problem in Pictures of Hollis Woods?

What is the main problem in Pictures of Hollis Woods?

The internal conflict in this novel is that Hollis wants to be with the Regans, but she believes that they don’t want her back because she destroyed their family. She feels that the Old Man and Steven’s arguing is because of her. She also feels that the accident was her fault, but Steven will be blamed for it.

What is the theme of Pictures of Hollis Woods?

The importance of family is a very significant theme in the Pictures of Hollis Woods. The novel tells the story of twelve-year-old foster child Hollis Woods who is looking for a forever family after being dumped in a park called “Holliswoods” when she was only one hour old.

How long does it take to read Pictures of Hollis Woods?

1 hours and 55 minutes
The average reader will spend 1 hours and 55 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute). This Newbery Honor book about a girl who has never known family fighting for her first true home “will leave readers . . . satisfied” (Kirkus Reviews).

What is the setting of Pictures of Hollis Woods?

The setting is mostly at Josie’s lovely house. Before that, she was at the Reagans’ country styled house in the mountains. At the end of the book Josie and Hollis ran away to the house in branches so Hollis could stay with Josie. This took place during somewhere around 1990s to present day.

What is the summary of Pictures of Hollis Woods?

Pictures of Hollis Woods by Patricia Reilly Giff is an emotional story about a little girl searching for a family. Hollis Woods is abandoned as a baby and spends her life being sent to various foster homes.

What happens to Josie in Pictures of Hollis Woods?

Josie is very caring and a talented retired artist, and her life could be told in her wood work, but as she’s an elderly woman, she’s beginning to lose her memory (Alzheimer’s disease). Over time, Hollis helps Josie significantly, and she begins to feel what it is like to be needed.

Who Is Izzy in Pictures of Hollis Woods?

Izzy Regan, the mother of Hollis’s friend Steven, is a kind woman who would love to give Hollis a permanent place to live. Izzy adores her family and works hard to create a loving, nurturing home environment. She loves to cook, bake, and spend time with her family.

What happens at the end of Pictures of Hollis Woods?

Hollis runs away in the Twelfth Picture because she fears she has ruined the whole family by trying to join them. In chapter thirteen, Hollis finds Steven’s sweater on the shed doorknob, and after exchanging Christmas gifts with Josie in chapter fourteen, Hollis realizes that Josie wants to go home.

How does Pictures of Hollis Woods End?

What is the silver bullet in Pictures of Hollis Woods?

The Silver Bullet is Josie’s car which is frequently out of gas. Hollis fills it when they run to Branches.

What happened to Josie in Hollis Woods?

When the agency came to take Hollis away to another family, what happened? Hollis took Josie and ran away. They went to the Branches, the summer house of the Regans.

Where does Josie live in Pictures of Hollis Woods?

When a social worker decides that Josie is too forgetful to be a suitable foster parent, Hollis persuades Josie to run away with her so they can stay together. They drive through a snowstorm to the Regans’ empty summer house in upstate New York.