What is the market value of a 2010 Toyota Corolla?

What is the market value of a 2010 Toyota Corolla?

The Toyota Corolla 2010 prices range from $5,869 for the basic trim level Sedan Corolla Ascent to $14,995 for the top of the range Hatchback Corolla Ascent. The Toyota Corolla 2010 comes in Hatchback and Sedan. The Toyota Corolla 2010 is available in Regular Unleaded Petrol.

How many miles will a 2010 Toyota Corolla S last?

300,000 miles
If you’re considering a Toyota Corolla, you may be wondering, “How long do Toyota Corollas last?” With regular service and maintenance, the Toyota Corolla has a life expectancy of up to 10 years or 300,000 miles.

How much should a 2010 car cost?

According to a report done by Detroit Free Press, The average purchase prices of new cars has risen from $28,160 in 2009 to $29,217 in 2010, an increase of about 3.75%.

What is the Corolla Sport model?

The 2021 Toyota Corolla will come with an optional Apex edition, a sport package that includes a tuned chassis and suspension as well as optional summer tires. The Apex edition is available with the SE and XSE Corolla sedans. Of the 6000 made, 120 will come with a manual transmission.

Is 2010 Toyota Corolla a good car?

The 2010 Toyota Corolla isn’t as fancy or stylish as some of its competitors, but its good fuel economy ratings and comfortable front seats make it a strong contender in the small car class.

What is the engine capacity of Toyota Corolla 2010?

1.8 liters
S 4dr Sedan 2010 Toyota Corolla Specs

Base engine size 1.8 liters
Base engine type I-4
Horsepower 132 hp
Horsepower rpm 6,000

What are the worst years for Toyota Corolla?

Quick Answer: Avoid 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2009, and 2014 Toyota Corollas. Throughout the lifespan of the Toyota Corolla, one of the most commonly reported problems is excessive oil usage in the engine.

What is the best 2010 car to buy?

The winners: Cars

  • 2010 Honda Fit. Best Hatchback.
  • 2010 Toyota Camry. Best Midsize Car.
  • 2010 Ford Taurus. Best Family Sedan.
  • 2010 Volkswagen GTI. Best Upscale Compact Car.
  • 2010 Hyundai Genesis. Best Upscale Sedan.
  • 2010 Acura RL. Best Luxury Sedan.
  • 2010 Toyota Prius. Best Hybrid Car.
  • 2010 Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen. Best Wagon.

Does a 2010 corolla have a timing belt?

The 2010 Toyota Corolla does have a timing chain. The coolant needs to be changed every 60,000 miles or so.

What kind of car is the 2010 Toyota Corolla?

Used 2010 Toyota Corolla Interior. For a compact sedan, the 2010 Toyota Corolla is equipped with a roomy and comfortable passenger cabin. The car’s added width provides good shoulder and hip room in front, though rear seat leg room is still a bit snug for the long legged.

What’s the value of a used Toyota Corolla?

The value of a used 2010 Toyota Corolla ranges from $2,691 to $9,664, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options. Get a free appraisal here. Is 2010 Toyota Corolla a good car?

What makes a Toyota Corolla a good car?

Pre-qualify with no credit score impact. You’ll Like This Car If… Super-reliable. Good safety scores. Easy on gasoline. Good resale values. It’s worth repeating: super-reliable. You May Not Like This Car If…

When did the Toyota Corolla come to America?

The original Toyota Corolla, a small rear-drive subcompact, arrived in the United States in the late 1960s; by the 1970s the second-generation version was the best-selling import in the country and new Corollas have followed every four or five years since. Now in its tenth-generation, the 2010 Corolla is slightly longer,…