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What is the meaning of Khajane 2?

What is the meaning of Khajane 2?

What is Khajane-II? Khajane-II is an integrated payment system where all the approved banks will be merged together to make an e-payment through this gateway.

How do you use Khajane 2?

Step 1: Login to Khajane II Application: Applicant will Login to the application using his/her credentials. Step 2. Applicant should navigate to the below path to fill the Procurement Form. Step 3: The applicant needs to fill the Procurement Form and then submit it to the Supervisor.

How can I download Chhalan from Khajane 2?

Step – 1 – Visit and click on the option Enter. Step – 2 – Now select the option of Transactions from Challan. Step – 3 – Now, click on the option of Generate Challan, Step – 4 – Select the option of Remitter for which the date will automatically come up.

What is K2 portal?

The K2 Portal is a unique and exceptional panel PC for medical applications that effortlessly provides users with a fully sealed, wipeable, fan-less, operationally silent and multi-purpose resource; a perfect solution for personal bedside use.

What is Khajane project?

‘KHAJANE’ is a major e-governance initiative of the Karnataka State Govern- ment. Basically, it is a government-to-government (G2G) project, except for service pensions and social security pensions, which have an interface with the citizens.

How do I verify my Khajane 2 payment?

For this, you have to first go to the official website of Khajane 2. Then you have to click on the option of “Verify Challan Payment Status” on the home page. After clicking on the next page, you will have to fill in your reference number and captcha code.

How do I find my recipient ID?

In order to the find the Recipient ID of a contact within a database, you should take the following steps:

  1. Go toView Data, click the related database.
  2. Search for the contact.
  3. Click into the contact. This takes you to the Edit Contact page.
  4. In the page URL, you will see the Recipient ID for that contact.

How do I check my bill status in Khajane 2?

How to access DDO Bill Status Report? ROLE: DDO

  1. DDO has to login into Khajane 2 system.
  2. He has to click on Bill Preparation & Submission path.
  3. DDO has to select the type of report.
  4. He has to select the from date – to date for period of report required.
  5. He has to select apply button to load selected report.

How can I verify Khajane 2 Challan?

How to Verify Challan Status on K2 Khajane Login Portal?

  1. Visit the Official website of the Khajane K2 portal i.e
  2. then Click on Verify Challan Status.
  3. Now Enter Reference No.
  4. PleaseEnter Captcha code.
  5. Then Hit submit button.
  6. Your Challan Status Will be on Your device Screen.

What is K2 payment?

K2 is an exclusive software develop by the CMS, which is a Company concerning TATA industries. The Karnataka treasury handles and manages accounts for the state government. It also handles all payments done on behalf of the Karnataka government. The system contains receipts, stamps, pension details, and deposits.

How do I get a refund from Khajane 2?

How to prepare a Revenue refund bill in khajane II?

  1. Caseworker has to login into Khajane 2 system.
  2. He has to click on below path:
  3. Path:Receipts → Transactions → Refund → Generate Refund Order → Generate Revenue Refund Order.
  4. He has to select the year of receipt payment as After 2015.

How do you raise a ticket in Khajane 2?

User can raise a ticket for their issues in K II portal(, by following the procedure given at end of this document. User can raise a ticket in K II application in his/her login through following path which is visible at top right corner of the Home page of Khajane II application.

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