What is the meaning of Mesolecithal?

What is the meaning of Mesolecithal?

mesolecithal Applied to an egg that has a yolk of intermediate size and strongly concentrated in one hemisphere, typical of Petromyzonidae, Acipenseridae, Amiidae, Lepidosirenidae, and Amphibia. Compare MACROLECITHAL; OLIGOLECITHAL. See also ISOLECITHAL; TELOLECITHAL. A Dictionary of Zoology. “mesolecithal .”

What is Macrolecithal?

macrolecithal Applied to an egg that has a large yolk, typical of Myxinidae, Elasmobranchii, Teleostei, Chelonia, Sauria, Serpentes, Crocodilia, Aves, and Monotremata. Compare MESOLECITHAL; OLIGOLECITHAL. See also ISOLECITHAL; TELOLECITHAL. A Dictionary of Zoology. “macrolecithal .”

What is Megalecithal?

of an egg. : containing very large amounts of yolk.

What is the dictionary of a word called?

The denotation of a word or phrase is its explicit or direct meaning.

What is isolecithal egg?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Isolecithal (Greek iso = equal, lekithos = yolk) refers to the even distribution of yolk in the cytoplasm of ova of mammals and other vertebrates, notably fishes of the families Petromyzontidae, Amiidae, and Lepisosteidae.

What is Holoblastic?

: characterized by complete cleavage that divides the whole egg into distinct and separate blastomeres — compare meroblastic.

Is human egg Isolecithal?

The human ovum consists of protoplasm that contains some yolk, enclosed by a cell wall consisting of two layers, an outer one (zona pellucida) and an inner, thin one (vitelline membrane). isolecithal ovum one with a small amount of yolk evenly distributed throughout the cytoplasm.

Is human egg Polylecithal?

– Telolecithal Egg: In eggs containing moderate or large quantities of yolk, the distribution of yolk isn’t uniform. lt is concentrated more towards the vegetal pole. Such a kind of egg, during which the yolk is concentrated towards one pole, is named telolecithal egg. So, the correct answer is, ‘(a) Alecithal.

Is amphioxus a telolecithal?

Isolecithal or Homolecithal Egg: In isolecithal eggs, the very little amount of yolk present is uniformly distributed throughout the ooplasm (eg. echinoderms, Amphioxus, mammals). Such a type of egg, in which the yolk is concentrated towards one pole, is called telolecithal egg.

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Is human egg Centrolecithal?

Option A: The yolk concentrated in the centre of the egg with cytoplasm surrounding it is called Centrolecithal. Option B: Egg without yolk is called Alecithal. Ex, human egg. Therefore, this is the correct option.