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What is the meaning of road trips?

What is the meaning of road trips?

a long trip taken for pleasure or business in which the travel is on roads.

Are road trips an American thing?

In the United States. In the United States, a road trip typically implies leaving the state, or in extreme cases, leaving the country for places such as Canada or Mexico. However, in larger states, travel within the state may also be considered a road trip.

What’s another word for road trip?

Synonyms of road-trip

  • gallivant.
  • (also galavant),
  • hop,
  • jaunt,
  • knock (about),
  • perambulate,
  • ramble,
  • roam,

Whats the meaning of tripping?

You trippin’ means you’re acting a fool, thinking crazy thoughts, or are maybe high on mushrooms. Trippin’ out is “freaking out” or “being extremely high.”

What is a short trip called?

1. Jaunt means: A short trip or excursion, usually for pleasure; an outing.

What is the most scenic road in America?

15 Most Scenic Drives in America

  • Million Dollar Highway, Colorado.
  • Route 1, Alaska.
  • Historic Columbia River Highway, Oregon.
  • Loneliest Highway, Nevada.
  • Titus Canyon Road, California.
  • North Cascades Highway, Washington.
  • Highway 163, Arizona/Utah.
  • Highway 90 and 145, Colorado.

Are road trips cheaper than flying?

Saving Money When Driving Driving might be the cheapest option for you. Even though it can take longer to drive than fly for long-distance trips, gas and lodging can be cheaper than plane tickets, baggage fees, and rental cars.

What is a Gallivanter?

The definition of a gallivanter is a person who goes off or travels around in search of amusement, fun or adventure. A person who leaves his job and travels around Europe in search of fun and adventure is an example of a gallivanter. noun.

What is a synonym for wanderlust?

Synonyms. restlessness. increasing sounds of restlessness. itchy feet (informal) urge to travel.

What does it mean when someone is tripping over you?

To push and shove other people out of the way, as to get some place or in order to do something. People were tripping over each other to get their pictures taken with the famous actor.

What is to trip on someone?

trip on (someone or something) Literally, to bump into someone or something with one’s foot and stumble or fall as a result. He tripped on the step running up the stairs and fell face first on the hallway. She tiptoed out of the room, trying not to trip on anyone as she left.

Which is the best definition of a road trip?

Definition of road trip 1 : a trip taken by a sports team to play one or more away games 2 : an extended trip in a motor vehicle Other Words from road trip Example Sentences Learn More About road trip

What does road trippin’mean in Urban Dictionary?

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Where did the term ” trip ” come from in slang?

In drug slang, a trip is a metaphor for the hallucinatory high produced by LSD, magic mushrooms, and other drugs. The term dates back to the 1920s. When people are tripping on hallucinogenic drugs, they can act very erratic, which probably accounts for the use of trppin’ for “acting insane, foolish,…

How does Roadtrippers help you plan your trip?

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