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What is the meaning of vires?

What is the meaning of vires?

Vires is Latin and is defined as powers. An example of vires is having the authority to tell a person what action they must take; intra vires. An example of vires is an action that is beyond the powers as detailed in a law; ultra vires.

How do you say vis in Latin?


  1. IPA: /vɪs/
  2. Audio. (file)
  3. Hyphenation: vis.
  4. Rhymes: -ɪs.

Is vim a Latin word?

Possibly from Latin vim, accusative singular of vīs (“force, power, strength; (New Latin) energy, force”) (ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *weyh₁- (“to chase, pursue”); compare English vis); but perhaps a modern expressive formation.

What is intra vires in law?

Ultra Vires-Intra Vires Ultra vires [Lat, “beyond the powers”] is used in Constitutional Law by the courts who must decide the respective competences of Parliament and provincial legislatures. If not, the court will declare it intra vires [Lat, “within the powers”].

What is a legal vires?

Beyond the powers. This term relates generally to the excess of legal powers or authority.

What is para Latin for?

para- (1) word-forming element of Latin origin meaning “defense, protection against; that which protects from,” from Italian para, imperative of parare “to ward off,” from Latin parare “make ready” (from PIE root *pere- (1) “to produce, procure”). It figures in parachute, parasol, parapet, etc.

What is a synonym for Vim?

Words related to vim vigor, strength, force, zeal, energy, pep, drive, vitality, dash, fire, zing, passion, kick, activity, push, enthusiasm, spirit, oomph, vinegar, pepper.

What does the acronym VIM stand for?


Acronym Definition
VIM Visual Editor iMproved (Linux text editor)
VIM Video Input Module
VIM Victory Is Mine
VIM Velocity Interface Mezzanine

What is an example of intra vires?

The Latin phrase intra vires means “inside the powers,” and it’s often used to contrast something that’s ultra vires, “outside the powers.” Legally, an ultra vires action is anything that someone’s not authorized to do (imagine you decided to fire a co-worker, despite not being his supervisor), as opposed to an intra …

What is the difference between intra vires and ultra vires?

Ultra vires (Latin: “beyond the powers”) is a Latin phrase used in law to describe an act which requires legal authority but is done without it. Its opposite, an act done under proper authority, is intra vires (“within the powers”).

What is ultra vires principle?

The Doctrine of Ultra Vires is a fundamental rule of Company Law. Hence, if the company does an act, or enters into a contract beyond the powers of the directors and/or the company itself, then the said act/contract is void and not legally binding on the company. The term Ultra Vires means ‘Beyond Powers’.

What is the meaning of the word vires?

1 plural of vire 2 plural of vis 3 ( law) the state of being either ultra vires or intra vires; the extent of a court or legislature’s jurisdiction to do something.

What does the word vis mean in Latin?

vīs f (irregular, genitive *vīs); third declension force, power, strength violence the Wikipedia page Martin Luther on Catholic church reform Nōn vī, sed verbō. Not through violence, but the word. ad vim atque ad arma confugere ― to fly to violence and fighting (figuratively) assault, affront (New Latin, physics) energy, force

Where does the word vis come from in Tamil?

From Latin vis . Force; energy; might; power. Abbreviation of viscount. From Tamil வீசை (vīcai) and/or Telugu వీసె (vīse) From Dutch vis, from Middle Dutch visch, from Old Dutch fisc, from Proto-West Germanic *fisk, from Proto-Germanic *fiskaz, from Proto-Indo-European *pisḱ- .

Is the word song and vis the same?

Cognate with Norwegian vis, Swedish vis, English wise, Dutch wijze and German Weise. Another variant of the same word is Danish vise (“song”), Swedish visa, from Old Norse vísa . In conclusion, I must find the apples some other way.