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What is the Mumbles known for?

What is the Mumbles known for?

Mumbles often called ‘The Gateway to Gower’ and ‘The Jewel in Swansea’s Crown’, is perhaps best known as the destination of the world’s first fare-paying passenger railway >, when back in 1807, Benjamin French introduced a horse-drawn carriage on rails, which would run from Brewery Bank in Swansea five miles around the …

Is Mumbles a nice place to live?

Mumbles Crowned One of the Best Places to Live in UK 2019 Last year, the suburb was named Best Place to Live in Wales. The judges were impressed with Mumbles’ last year because of its proximity to good parks and beaches, as well as several highly rated schools.

Why is it called Mumbles?

Toponym. Mumbles has been noted for its unusual place name. The headland is thought by some to have been named by French sailors, after the shape of the two anthropomorphic islands which the headland comprises: the word “Mumbles” may be a corruption of the French les mamelles, meaning “the breasts”.

What celebrities live in the Mumbles?

Bonnie Tyler, singer and songwriter, lives in Mumbles. Melanie Walters, actress (Gavin & Stacey), lives in Mumbles. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, was brought up in the area. Catherine Zeta-Jones, actress, grew up in Mumbles from the age of 12, and she and Michael Douglas have a house there.

What famous people live in Swansea?

Actors and actresses

  • Keith Allen.
  • Kevin Allen.
  • Gareth Armstrong.
  • Desmond Barrit.
  • Rob Brydon.
  • Geraint Wyn Davies.
  • Mabel Hackney.
  • Georgia Henshaw.

What is Mumbles in Wales like?

“The Mumbles is a very unique place, it offers all water sports which is great to see, as well as local pubs, fishmongers, and cafes. Most attractions are walking distance. “It’s so much different to Swansea and it’s only 15 minutes away.” But if you’re thinking, ‘this is great!

Where is the nicest place to live in Wales?

The Sunday Times Best Places to Live 2021: Wales

  • Winner: Usk, Monmouthshire.
  • Aberdyfi, Gwynedd.
  • Cleddau Estuary, Pembrokeshire.
  • Llandeilo and the Tywi Valley, Carmarthenshire.
  • Narberth, Pembrokeshire.
  • Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan.

Is it cheaper to live in Wales than England?

It is cheaper than England: The average cost of living in Wales is considerably lower than the UK average although where you live in Wales influences by how much cheaper. The average cost of a property in Wales is £144k compared with the average UK of £216k. Wales also has 6 World Heritage sites.

Which is better Cardiff or Swansea?

Cardiff will give you good transport links up into the valleys and beyond but there is so much to do and sea in the City too. Swansea will obviously give you bus access to the lovely Gower peninsula with it’s fabulous beaches and to the West and beyond.

Is Cardiff bigger than Swansea?

Cardiff has been the capital since 1955, and is home to around 363,000 people. Swansea and Newport also have populations in the hundreds of thousands, while Bangor has just 19,000 residents but has held city status “since time immemorial”.

How many pubs are in Mumbles Mile?

21 pubs
The days of the Mumbles Mile with its challenge to sink half a pint at each of the 21 pubs dotted along the seafront are (thankfully for those who live there) long gone.

Does Bonnie Tyler still live in Mumbles?

Despite her international success, Bonnie Tyler has never lost touch with her south Wales and Swansea Bay roots, of which she is fiercely proud, with a home just a short distance from the University, in Mumbles. I still live in Mumbles, just a stone’s throw from the University.

Where is the Mumbles Mile in South Wales?

The ‘Mumbles Mile’ is a stretch of road notable for its concentration of pubs. It is a popular destination for students from universities in Swansea and Cardiff for pub crawls and well-known as such in South Wales.

Where are the Mumbles headlands in South Wales?

Mumbles ( Welsh: Mwmbwls) is a headland sited on the western edge of Swansea Bay on the southern coast of Wales. The name Mumbles is also applied to the district encompassing the electoral wards of Oystermouth, Newton, West Cross, and Mayals. In the 2018 Best Places to Live in the UK report, The Sunday Times listed Mumbles as the best in Wales.

What to do in the Mumbles area of Swansea?

Gateway to Gower. Mumbles marks the beginning of the Gower Peninsula ’s coastline. It’s a well-loved area of Swansea, and when you go there, it’s clear to see why! There are plenty of things to do in Mumbles.

Is there a 3D map of the Mumbles?

You can also dive right into The Mumbles on unique 3D satellite map provided by Google Earth. With new GoogLe Earth plugin you can enjoy the interactive The Mumbles 3D map within your web browser. No placemark has been added to this place yet.