What is the name of the state of Hesse in Germany?

What is the name of the state of Hesse in Germany?

As a cultural region, Hessen also includes the area known as Rhenish Hesse (Rheinhessen) in the neighbouring state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Where are the family records of Hessen Germany?

Archion: Kurhessen and Waldeck, ($). Hessen, Deutschland, evangelische Kirchenbücher, 1730-1875, at, index and images, ($). Germany, Rhineland-Palatinate Church Record Extractions and Family Registers, 1600-1925, browsable images, incomplete. These records cover: Alzey, Oppenheim, and Osthhofen.

Where can I find an index of Hessen?

If the name you are researching does not appear in an index, re-check the index at a later time or search for the record in the available original images. Some indexes are handwritten and a part of the image collection. Archion: Hessen and Nassau, ($). Archion: Kurhessen and Waldeck, ($).

Where was the Grandduchy of Hessen located?

Auswandererkartei 1800-1900. Emigration card indexes for the Grandduchy of Hessen, Germany. Includes general indexes of Hessen and specific indexes which cover emigration from the modern districts of Dieburg, Bergstrasse and Erbach. Auswanderungsakten, 1819-1880. Emigration records from Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany.

What are the names of the districts in Hesse?

These are the southern district of Hessen-Darmstadt; the middle district of Hessen-Giessen (for most of its history a part of Hessen-Darmstadt); and the northern district of Hessen-Kassel (old Casl and Cassel). Located in Hessen-Darmstadt are the cities of Frankfurt-am-Main and Darmstadt.

What was the purpose of the National Assembly in Hesse?

In Hesse, the short-lived national assembly, which constituted itself in 1848 in the Paulskirche (Saint Paul’s Church) in Frankfurt, had the aim of making a rough draft of a constitution for a united Germany. Germany’s first democratic Parliament was generally unsuccessful, but its failure had nothing to do with the Hessian people.

When was the Hessian region of Germany inhabited?

The Central Hessian region was inhabited in the Upper Paleolithic. Finds of tools in southern Hesse in Rüsselsheim suggest the presence of Pleistocene hunters about 13,000 years ago. A fossil hominid skull that was found in northern Hesse, just outside the village of Rhünda, has been dated at 12,000 years ago.