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What is the net ionic equation calculator?

What is the net ionic equation calculator?

Net ionic and ionic equation calculator is a free online tool that shows the structure, equilibrium constant, balanced equation, substance properties with chemical formulas and names. The balanced net ionic equation calculator tool makes the prediction quick and easier and displays the answer in a fraction of seconds.

What is the ionic charge for the chromium ion in Cr2 SO4 3?

What is the charge of CrCl3? Answer: CHROMIUM ION WILL HAVE +3 CHARGE.

What are the spectator ions in the exchange reaction between Cr2 SO4 3 and NH4 2CO3?

The spectator ions are ammonium ion , NH+4 , and sulfate ion , SO2−4 , which do not take part in the reaction, and remain in aqueous solution.

What is the chemical formula for chromium III sulfate?

Chromium(III) sulfate/Formula

Why must the Cr be 2+ when the SO4 is 2?

Sulfate has a 2- charge. The magnitude of the charge on tin must match that of sulfate since the formula includes one tin ion and one sulfate ion. Chromium has a 2+ charge and the hydroxide ion has a 1- charge, so two anions are needed to balance the charge of the cation.

What is oxidation number of SO4 3?

Since Cr2(SO4)3 is a molecule, it’s oxidation number is 0. And the oxidation number of (SO4) is always -2. Therefore, the oxidation number of Cr in Cr2(SO4)3 is +3.

Does a reaction occur when aqueous solutions of chromium III sulfate and potassium carbonate are combined?

The mixture of the aqueous solution of potassium carbonate and chromium(III) chloride will form a precipitate which means a reaction occurred.

What is the name for cr2 so3 3?

Chromium sulfate

PubChem CID 24930
Synonyms Chromium sulfate CHROMIC SULFATE Chromium(III) sulfate Chromium sulphate 10101-53-8 More…
Molecular Weight 392.2
Component Compounds CID 1118 (Sulfuric acid) CID 23976 (Chromium)
Dates Modify 2021-09-05 Create 2005-08-08

What is chromium sulfate used for?

Chromic Sulfate is a peach-colored, odorless powder. It is used in green paints, inks and textile dyes, ceramics, the tanning of leather, chrome plating, and the photographic industry.