What is the noun of reserve?

What is the noun of reserve?

reservation. The act of reserving, withholding or keeping back. Something that is withheld or kept back. (often plural) A limiting qualification; a doubt.

What does being reserve mean?

If you’re reserved, you’re the opposite of a loudmouth or a cut-up: you’re polite, you have a lot of self-control, and you don’t show your feelings. Reserved can also mean “set aside.” If your seats at a concert are reserved, that means they’re saved for you.

Is reserve a countable noun?

reserve. [uncountable] the quality that someone has when they do not talk easily to other people about their ideas, feelings, etc. She found it difficult to make friends because of her natural reserve. [uncountable] (formal) a feeling that you do not want to accept or agree to something, etc.

Is reservation a noun or verb?

2[countable, uncountable] a feeling of doubt about a plan or an idea synonym misgiving I have serious reservations about his ability to do the job.

What is difference between reserve and reserved?

is that reservation is the act of reserving, withholding or keeping back while reserve is the act of reserving, or keeping back; reservation; exception.

What is the verb of reservation?

reserve. To keep back; to retain. To keep in store for future or special use. To book in advance; to make a reservation.

Who is a reserve person?

A reserved person. The definition of reserved is saved for someone or some purpose, or is a person who doesn’t share his feelings, thoughts or emotions.

Do reservists get paid?

Fundamentals About Reserve Pay. Like the active duty troops, Reservists also get basic pay, allowances where appropriate, and special pay where appropriate. But this pay is offered only for the periods of service the Reservists show up for including training, drill weekends, and active duty service when activated.

Who is a reserve?

1 : something reserved or set aside for a particular purpose, use, or reason: such as. a(1) : a military force withheld from action for later decisive use —usually used in plural. (2) : forces not in the field but available. (3) : the military forces of a country not part of the regular services also : reservist.

What is a reserve in short answer?

Answer : Reserves are the subset of the stock, which can be put into use with the help of existing technical ‘know-how’ but their use has not been started. These can be used for meeting future requirements.

What are the kinds of reservation?

Guaranteed reservation. Non –guaranteed reservation.

Is Reservated a word?