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What is the other name of end view?

What is the other name of end view?

What is another word for end in view?

idea motivation
function vision
duty desideratum
view end purpose
whole idea desired result

What inview means?

phrase. If you have something in view, you are aware of it and your actions are aimed towards it. They have very clear career aims in view. Ackroyd worked out this whole plot with one objective in view. See full dictionary entry for view.

Was in view of meaning?

phrase. You use in view of when you are taking into consideration facts that have just been mentioned or are just about to be mentioned.

What does the phrase world’s end mean?

: the end or most distant part of the world : the remotest regions of the earth — compare thule.

What is a word for end?

conclusion, termination, ending, finish, close, resolution, climax, finale, culmination, denouement. epilogue, coda, peroration. informal wind-up.

What is a good InView score?

Students are identified as cognitively gifted from the InView Test, as noted by the CSI (Cognitive Student Index). The Ohio Department of Education set a score of 128 or above for identification. The norm average score is 100 with the average range from 85-115.

Why do people say in lieu?

“In lieu of” is an idiom meaning “in place of; instead of,” says The American Heritage Dictionary.. “In lieu of pumpkin pie this year, we’ll be serving Twinkies.” Stop saying “try and” when you mean “try to.”

How do you use in view of the fact?

To write plainly and concisely, use as instead of the wordy expression in view of the fact that. Other possibilities include because, considering and since. As (not In view of the fact that) the brothers had not met since they were toddlers, the reunion was emotional.

What is the meaning of In view thereof?

n. 1 the act of seeing or observing; an inspection. 2 vision or sight, esp.