What is the passe compose for Recevoir?

What is the passe compose for Recevoir?

Passé composé

Passé composé
Auxiliary verb avoir
Past participle reҫu

How do you conjugate Recevoir in passe compose?

The passé composé of Recevoir is formed by combining the auxiliary verb avoir with the past participle reçu.

How do you conjugate SE Brosser in French?

Like any regular -er verb, you start conjugating brosser by determining the stem. The stem is bross- (the infinitive minus -er), and you complete the conjugation by adding the ending that matches the subject pronoun and tense you’re using….Imperative.

(tu) brosse
(nous) brossons
(vous) brossez

What is the imperfect tense of Recevoir?

Imperfect of recevoir

Imperfect Indicative
nous recevions we were receiving
vous receviez you were receiving
ils recevaient they were receiving
elles recevaient they were receiving

How do you conjugate Offrir in French?

Conjugate the verb offrir:

  1. j’ offre. tu offres.
  2. il offrait. nous avons offert.
  3. vous offrirez.
  4. ils offriraient.

What tense is J Achete?

Forms of Acheter

Subject Pronoun Acheter Conjugation Translation
je j’achète I buy/I am buying
tu tu achètes you buy/you are buying
il/elle/on il/elle/on achète he/she/we buy or he/she/we are buying
nous nous achetons we buy/we are buying

Is dire etre or avoir?

The present participle of dire is disant. The passé composé of dire is formed using the auxiliary verb avoir and the past participle dit.