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What is the phone banking number of HDFC?

What is the phone banking number of HDFC?

1860 267 6161
1860 267 6161. Toll free Number(s): 1800-258-3838 (Complaints)

How can I talk to HDFC customer care?

Get started

  1. Type ‘HDFC Bank OnChat’ in the search bar.
  2. Click on. ‘HDFC Bank OnChat’
  3. Say ‘Hi’ in the. message window.

What is phone banking PIN in HDFC?

“TIN” (Telephone Identification Number) refers to a 4-digit number that is provided by HDFC Bank for accessing PhoneBanking Service. “PIN” (Personal Identification Number) refers to a 4-digit number that is provided by HDFC Bank for accessing the ATM service using the associated ATM or Debit Card.

How can I use HDFC mobile banking?

Step 1: Open the HDFC Bank app on your smartphone. Step 2: Enter your internet banking username and IPIN in the place of customer ID and password to access mobile banking services. Alternatively, you can enter the 4-digit Quick Access PIN to log in.

What do you mean by phone banking?

Telephone banking is a service provided by a bank or other financial institution, that enables customers to perform over the telephone a range of financial transactions which do not involve cash or Financial instruments (such as cheques), without the need to visit a bank branch or ATM.

How can I speak directly to HDFC executive?

Yes, to speak directly to an HDFC executive, you can use HDFC bank toll-free number 61606161 / 6160616 and prefix it with your city’s STD code to make the appropriate IVR selection to get answers to your queries.

How can I call HDFC customer care executive directly?

​​​​​​​For any others cities, please select PhoneBanking number from the below list

Ahmedabad 079 61606161
Jammu and Kashmir 1860 267 6161
Jharkhand 1860 267 6161
Jaipur 0141 6160616
Karnataka 1860 267 6161

What is the phone banking PIN?

The “phone bank PIN” is a 4 digit number set up so that you can access the phone bank menus to securely listen to your balance and recent transactions. This would be different than the 4 digit PIN for your debit card.

How do you use phone banking?

Enter the registered mobile number to get the 6-digit password. Phone Banking registration through Branch: The customer can visit the bank branch and submit the phone banking application to avail the service. A pre-printed kit will be provided by the bank, which will contain the 6-digit phone-banking password.

Why HDFC mobile banking app is not working?

HDFC Bank chief executive officer Sashidhar Jagdishan had said it was because of a hardware issue in its servers. Citing the repeated technical glitches at the private lender, Reserve Bank of India had imposed strictures on the bank in December 2020.