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What is the QCI for VoLTE?

What is the QCI for VoLTE?

VoLTE Call Setup QCI-9 is the default bearer for data while QCI-5 acts as the default bearer for voice and it carries SIP signaling. When a call needs to be setup, an additional bearer is added for QCI-1 which is a GBR bearer and all voice data (RTP packets) are sent over this bearer.

What is QCI in 5G?

5QI (5G QoS Identifier) is a pointer to a set of QoS characteristics such as priority level, packet delay or packet error rate, etc. These QoS characteristics can either be standardized or non-standardized.

How many QCI support GBR?

Standardized QCI .

QCI Service Type Examples service
1 GBR Conversational voice (VoIP)
2 GBR Conversational video (live streaming)
3 GBR Non-Conversational video (buffered streaming)
4 GBR Real-time gaming

What are the QoS parameters in LTE?

Below, we will explain the LTE QoS parameters one by one.

  • Resource Type = GBR (Guaranteed Bit Rate)
  • Resource Type = Non-GBR.
  • QCI (QoS Class Identifier)
  • ARP (Allocation and Retention Priority)
  • GBR (UL/DL)
  • MBR (UL/DL)

What is LTE QCI?

QoS Class Identifier (QCI) is a mechanism used in 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks to ensure bearer traffic is allocated appropriate Quality of Service (QoS). QCI value 9 is typically used for the default bearer of a UE/PDN for non privileged subscribers.

How many Qci classes are defined in LTE?

Three classes of multimedia 4G LTE QCI traffic, conversational voice, live streaming video, buffered streaming video and TCP based applications have been considered. We analyse two most important QoS metrics, packet loss rate (PLR) and mean waiting time.

What does Qci stand for?


Acronym Definition
QCI Quality Customer Interface
QCI Quality Control Index
QCI Quality Control Information
QCI Quality Conformance Inspections

Does LTE support QoS?

In 4G, LTE QoS is enforced at the EPS bearer level. In 5G, QoS is enforced at the QoS flow level. 4G LTE uses EPS bearers each assigned an EPS bearer ID. In 4G/LTE, QoS is applied at the level of Evolved Packet Service (EPS) bearer.

What is GBR in LTE?

In LTE Dedicated bearers carry traffic for IP flows that have been identified to require a specific packet forwarding treatment. A GBR bearer has a guaranteed bit rate and MBR (Maximum Bit Rate) while more than one non-GBR bearer belonging to the same UE shares an AMBR (Aggregate Maximum Bit Rate). …

Why is QoS important in LTE?

Therefore, QoS assumes a greater role in the LTE network for satisfactory delivery of Internet applications to subscribers and management of network resources. To achieve this, the LTE network elements must incorporate new techniques to manage diverse traffic characteristics of the applications and services.