What is the salary of Directi?

What is the salary of Directi?

Directi Salaries

Job Title Salary
Software Engineer salaries – 45 salaries reported ₹17,56,608/yr
Platform Engineer salaries – 30 salaries reported ₹20,03,164/yr
Research Analyst salaries – 27 salaries reported ₹23,996/mo
Software Developer salaries – 24 salaries reported ₹16,75,178/yr

How much salary a fresher can get?

Fresher doctors can expect to earn a minimum of 7 lakhs per annum and this figure can go up to 12 lakh per year too. In this field, your pay depends heavily on the specialization you have.

What is Oracle freshers salary?

₹6,73,470 – ₹11,62,014.

What is the salary for freshers in Tech Mahindra?

The average annual salary of a fresher in Tech Mahindra is INR 3,33,570 while the minimum and maximum salaries are 1,73,300 and 5,45,600 respectively. If you are looking to join Genpact as a fresher software programmer, you will have to satisfy yourself with an average annual salary of INR 2,64,950.

Is Directi a product based company?

The 32-year-old head of Directi, the Web products development company he founded in 1998, is rarely seen in formals, not even when meeting marquee clients. Directi employs more than 1,000 personnel across its offices in Bangalore, Delhi, the UAE, the US and China.

What does Directi company do?

Today, the Directi group is not only an industry leading Web Services provider but also a pioneer in the Technology solutions vertical, serving a growing audience of customers in over 230 countries.

Is India a Directi?

2001. Directi becomes the first and ONLY Company in India to get an ICANN Accreditation.

Is Media Net and Directi same?

Divyank, and his brother Bhavin, run a variety of businesses including the Directi Group and Skenzo, a part of