What is the seat height of a Yamaha MT-07?

What is the seat height of a Yamaha MT-07?

805 mm

Yamaha MT-07
Manufacturer Yamaha Motor Company
Dimensions L : 2,008 mm (79.1 in) W : 745 mm (29.3 in)
Seat height 805 mm (31.7 in)
Weight 179–181 kg (395–399 lb) (wet)

Can you lower MT-07?

By fitting a lowering kit for your Yamaha MT07 the seat height is reduced. If you tip-toe in traffic lights this lowering kit can ease or solve your problem. A lowering kit also increases high speed stability and improves rear wheel traction.

What’s the difference between MT-07 and FZ 07?

The FZ-07/MT-07 replaced the old Yamaha FZ6. Unfortunately, the newer 700cc makes 67 horsepower and 50 ft. lbs of torque, whereas the old FZ6 made 94 horsepower and 47 ft. That’s 40% less horsepower in the newer Yamaha.

How much horsepower does the FZ 07 have?

75 horsepower
Yamaha claims 75 horsepower and 50.2 foot-pounds of torque at 6,500 rpm. As with its big brother, the FZ-09, the 07 has cylinders that are offset by 7mm to reduce piston friction, which in turn increases fuel economy and decreases horsepower loss.

Is the MT-07 a good starter bike?

The chassis of the MT-07 is well-appointed with easy ingress and a comfortable riding position. While it is not the most ideal for a beginner to deal with, it’s certainly not the worst given there are bikes that are much heavier and less playful than the Yamaha MT-07.

Is ABS standard on MT-07?

ABS is standard equipment on the MT-07.

Is MT-07 fast?

Engine tuning, design updates, safety equipment adjustments, and ergonomic tweaks all made it onto this newest iteration of the hyper-naked MT-07. Top Speed: 133 mph (Est.)

Is MT-07 better than mt09?

Well-known member. Take your pick, they are both great bikes. If you are riding in the city, the lighter weight of the 07 is a bigger advantage than the greater power of the 09 but it’s basically a toss-up.

How tall is the seat height on a Yamaha FZ-07?

How tall (seat height) is a Yamaha FZ-07? The Yamaha FZ-07 seat height is 805 mm (31.7 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting. How many gears does a Yamaha FZ-07 have?

What kind of engine does a 2015 Yamaha FZ-07 have?

2015 Yamaha FZ-07. Picture credits – Yamaha. Submit more pictures. More pictures… The FZ-07 features an all-new 689cc liquid-cooled, in-line twin-cylinder, DOHC, 8-valve engine with fuel injection. This engine has a unique power character.

Why does a Yamaha FZ-07 have 270 degree crank?

It has a 270-degree crank, which means that the two cylinders fire at an irregular interval to better balance internal inertial forces, resulting in a more responsive and torquey “feel” similar to that of a V-twin.