What is the story of Galaga?

What is the story of Galaga?

The game’s epic story is based on Commander Yeager of the United Galaxy Space Force who jumps through dimensions to face the recurring threat of the Galaga forces so as to protect and bring peace back to space. The story, game stages and enemy forces have evolved, making the game a true successor to the series.

What is the secret to Galaga?

The Basics.

  • Do not kill the two bees on the far left of the stage, but kill all the other enemies.
  • Keep alert and dodge any bullet that come at you.
  • Wait until the bees pass by 3 times without shooting at you.
  • Kill the bees and the enemies will no longer shoot for the rest of the game.

Is Galaga Japanese?

Galaga is a Japanese arcade game developed and published by Namco Japan and by Midway in North America in 1981. It is the sequel to 1979’s Galaxian.

What are the aliens in Galaga?

The Aliens in Galaga are an unknown species of aliens ship fighting a human ship. A stronger species known as “Boss” can also capture ships.

How can I get extra life in Galaga?

The first thing that you should do upon entering Galaga is to enter ‘Help & Options’. Select ‘Options’ from the next menu. Now edit the ‘Extend’ option to ‘1st 20,000, 2nd 60,000, Every 60,000’. Earning these amount of points will earn you an extra life.

What happens when you beat Galaga?

If you do kill the Galaga early, your ship will attack you once, and you will have to wait until the next stage to regain it! Do not shoot your ship! If you do, it will be destroyed! Once you have freed your ship, it will automatically rejoin your ship.

How do you get extra lives in Galaga?

How do you use missiles in Galaga?

Fire button: Press the fire button to send one missile directly above your position. You can only send two missiles out at a time, but you have an unlimited supply of them. 1 or 2 Players: Push these buttons to begin a one or two player game.

Can you beat Galaga?

Be very patient, and do not try to hit the Boss Galaga in mid-flight; it is very easy to miss the enemy and hit your own Fighter! Wait until the Fighter is within an inch of the bottom, line up with it and hit the Boss Galaga exactly in the center. If the Boss Galaga is green, you have to hit it twice to destroy it.

What is the Galaga world record?

20,980,450 points
Galaga is also the subject of several high score-based tournaments; as of 2020, the world record is held by Jordan Dorrington with a score of 20,980,450 points.

Can you complete Galaga?

Shoot the Galaga that has captured your ship as it is making its run toward you. Do not shoot it while it is sitting at the top of the screen! If you do kill the Galaga early, your ship will attack you once, and you will have to wait until the next stage to regain it! Do not shoot your ship!

How many stages of Galaga are there?

255 levels
Technically, there are 255 levels in Galaga. After the completion of the 255th stage, your score will be reset and you will start stage ‘zero. ‘ Although Galaga was designed to provide infinite play, this overlooked glitch doesn’t cause many players trouble as few ever make it this far in the game.

What does Galaga do to the game Galaxian?

With the introduction of Galaga (from the game Galaxian) the game has the ability to support 2 different players appearing on the screen. *Galaga also gives aliens the ability to change formation after a certain point – which only makes the game a bit harder for players who have the aim of coordinating their attacks.

When did the first Galaga game come out?

As mentioned above, the game Galaga was created in the year 1981 by a collaboration between Namco and Midway (2 major Japanese gaming producers in that time period – and actually still very popular gaming producers in today’s age).

What’s the objective of each stage in Galaga?

The objective of each stage is to defeat all of the Galaga aliens, which will fly into formation from the top and sides of the screen. Similar to Galaxian, aliens will dive towards the player while shooting down projectiles; colliding with either projectiles or aliens will result in a life being lost.

Where do you find the spaceship in Galaga?

The gameplay of Galaga puts the player in control of a spacecraft which is situated at the bottom of the screen, with enemy aliens arriving in formation at the beginning of a stage, either trying to destroy, collide with, or capture the spaceship, with the player progressing every time alien forces are vanquished.