What is the summary of the story the sermon at Benares?

What is the summary of the story the sermon at Benares?

Introduction. The story The Sermons at Benares highlights the early life of Gautam Buddha, who left all his amenities and worldly pleasures behind and went on searching for salvation. After seven years of wandering here and there, he finally attained enlightenment under the peepal tree at Bodhgaya.

What is the world afflicted with the sermon at Benares?

(d) The world is afflicted with death and decay. Answer: Gautam Buddha was a Prince who was named Siddhartha Gautam by his parents. He was born in 563 B.C. in North India.

What is the theme of the sermon at Benares?

The theme of the Story ‘Sermon At Benares’ is the story of an unfortunate woman Kisa Gotami. She had lost her only one. In her grief, she carried the dead body of her son from one place to another. In the end, she came to Lord Buddha.

What was the main teaching of Buddha in the chapter The sermon at Benares?

He who has overcome all sorrow will become free from sorrow, and be blessed. In ‘The Sermon at Benares’, the Buddha preached that death is inevitable and we need to overcome the suffering and pain that follows.

What lesson does the Sermon at Benares teach?

The Buddha wanted to explain to Kisa Gotami that man cannot get peace of mind by grieving. On the contrary, his pain will be greater and his body will suffer.

Who have accepted the truth that death is common to all?

kisa gotami understood that death is common to all and that she was being selfish in her grief. she understood this only the second time because it was then that she found that there was not a single house where some beloved had not died.

What fruit fears falling down?

The purple granadilla or passion fruit (Passiflora edulis) plant near the compost bins has grown tired of being fenced in on its trellis and decided to grow into the tree above.

What did the flickering lights make her realize?

Seeing the lights flickering up and extinguishing, she realized that the fate of men is such that they live and die. She had now understood that death is common to all.

What message did Buddha’s first Sermon at Benares give?

Buddha gave his first sermon at Benares. It is the holiest of places on the bank of the Ganges. His first sermon reflects his wisdom about one inscrutable kind of suffering i.e. death. Here, the Buddha tells about the universality of death which is inevitable and can’t be escaped.

What did Buddha finally see?

Answer: At the age of 25, while hunting, one day Buddha saw a sick man, then an aged man, then a funeral procession and finally a monk begging for alms. These moved him so much that he went out into the world to seek enlightenment.

What is the main message delivered by the lesson Sermon at Benaras?

The Sermon at Benares throws light upon the early life of Lord Buddha who was originally born as a prince in the royal family. On being exposed to the sufferings of the world which he was earlier shielded from, he left his princehood and went in search of salvation thus leaving all the worldly pleasures behind.

How can one free one’s self from all the sorrows?

We can become free from sorrow by understanding that no one can escape death and sorrow of life. We must learn to overcome sorrow and live our lives the best way we can.