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What is the synonym of Bly in Afrikaans?

What is the synonym of Bly in Afrikaans?

Afrikaans. English. bly. abide; blithe; delighted; dwell; glad; gladly; gladsome; gleeful; happy; jocund; joyful; joyfully; live; pleased; remain; stand; stay; tabernacle. bly by.

What does nors in Afrikaans mean?

Afrikaans. English. nors. austere; beetle‐browed; blunt; cantankerous; crabbed; cross; crusty; dour; grim; grim‐faced; gruff; grumpish; grumpy; harsh; ill‐tempered; loury; moody; morose; peevish; rugged; sour; stuffy; sulky; sullen; surly.

What does inherent mean in Afrikaans?

Afrikaans. inherent. aangebore; eie; inherent; onafskeidelik. it is inherent in our nature.

What is another word for GOED in Afrikaans?

Afrikaans English (translated indirectly) Esperanto
goed adjective (gaaf) all right adjective ; good adjective bona adjective
goed adverb well adverb bone adverb
goed adjective good adjective bona adjective
goedere common noun cargo common noun ; freight common noun kargo common noun

What is another word for Swaarkry in Afrikaans?

Word Hardships
Afrikaans Meaning swaarkry, teenspoed
severe suffering or privation.,
Usage ⇒ intolerable levels of hardship

What is sit in Afrikaans?

(sit; sit up; seat oneself) gaan sit. verb. sidiĝi.

What is OK in Afrikaans?

okayed. okaying. okays. The definition of word “okay”: +6.

What does Deftig in afrikaans mean?

Afrikaans. English. deftig. ceremonious; classy; dignified; fashionable; fine; formal; genteel; gentlemanlike; gentlewomanlike; gentlewomanly; grand; grave; in good taste; matronal; matronly; orotund; portly; refined; respectable; smart; swell.

What is another word for hardship in afrikaans?

English Afrikaans
hardship moeilikheid; ontbering
hard beswaarlik; dugtig; dwangarbeid; grof; hard; harde strand; hardearbeid; hardepad; hardvogtig; heftig; hewig; klipaanlêplek; met moeite; ru; skerp; sterk; stewig; stram; streng; styf; suur; swaar; vas; verhard; vlak

What is lip in Afrikaans?

Afrikaans Translation. lippe.