What is the synonym of martyr?

What is the synonym of martyr?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for martyr, like: sacrifice, sufferer, victim, persecute, scapegoat, torment, saint, martyrize, martyrise, Silkeb and archimandrite.

What does Golore mean?

: in large numbers or amounts : plentiful —used postpositively bargains galoreThe New York Transit Museum spans a full block underground, with vintage cars galore.—

What does Familiality mean?

1 : tending to occur in more members of a family than expected by chance alone a familial disorder. 2 : of, relating to, or suggestive of a family has familial ties to the area a familial atmosphere.

What is the meaning of Redivivus?

: brought back to life : reborn —used postpositively.

Is a martyr a victim?

A martyr complex can seem very similar to a victim mentality. People with a martyr complex don’t just feel victimized. They typically seem to go out of their way to find situations that are likely to cause distress or other suffering.

Whats the opposite of a martyr?

Opposite of one who willingly sacrifices their life for adhering openly to one’s beliefs. apostate. heretic. infidel. recreant.

What does book galore means?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishga‧lore /ɡəˈlɔː $ -ˈlɔːr/ adjective [only after noun] LOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNTin large amounts or numbers bargains galore in the salesExamples from the Corpusgalore• At the flea market, there were quilts, furniture, and books galore. • There are also chair lifts galore.

Is glore a Scrabble word?

No, glore is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What does it mean to have familiarity?

1 : close friendship : intimacy. 2 : good knowledge of something His familiarity with the trail was a big advantage to us. 3 : informality.

What is Intrafamilial relationship?

Filters. Occurring within a family.

What is meant by solatium?

In legal circles, a solatium is a payment made to a victim as compensation for injured feelings or emotional pain and suffering (such as the trauma following the wrongful death of a relative), as distinct from payment for physical injury or for damaged property.

What’s another word for Reborn?

In this page you can discover 35 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for rebirth, like: renascent, reborn, revitalization, renascence, resurrection, , reincarnated, reincarnation, resuscitation, redivivus and recovery.

Is the word martyrish in the Merriam Webster Dictionary?

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Who is a martyr on the far right?

In death, Babbitt has become a martyr to many on the far right. Since the fatal shooting, Lemp has become a martyr among anti-government extremists around the country. Those were individuals who were just trying to live, not trying to be martyr s or tokens for political platforms or politicians.

Which is the best definition of the word martyr?

2 : a person who sacrifices something of great value and especially life itself for the sake of principle a martyr to the cause of freedom. 3 : victim especially : a great or constant sufferer a martyr to asthma all his life — A. J. Cronin. martyr. verb. martyred; martyring; martyrs.

Why do people with martyr syndrome feel unhappy?

People with martyr syndrome often look and act unhappy because they feel that their sacrifices are underappreciated. A person with martyr syndrome will often feel like the person she has sacrificed for does not really how instrumental she has been in the person’s success.