What is the tint law in Alabama?

What is the tint law in Alabama?

Alabama Tinting Regulations Only the upper six inches of the front windshield may be tinted. The material applied must be transparent. All other windows (side and rear) may have tinting that allows at least 32% light transmission with a 3% tolerance. The reflective material may not reflect more than 20% of light.

How do I get a medical exemption for Window Tint in Alabama?

Alabama State Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) can issue medical exemptions for vehicle owners or habitual passengers. Written statement from a licensed physician in Alabama is required. Exemption is granted to persons with light-sensitive prophyria. Decal with unique identification number must be on windshield.

Can you be pulled over for tint in Alabama?

Before considering tinting your windows be sure to carefully follow Alabama’s window tint laws. Remember, you can be pulled over for window tint if authorities have a concern. Multi-purpose vehicles and passenger vehicles have different requirements.

How do I get a prescription for dark tint?

With an affidavit from a registered physician, either the driver or owner of the vehicle can receive a medical authorization to have darker window tints installed.

Is 20 tint legal in Alabama?

Accordingly to Alabama law, 20% reflective tint is allowed, which means that the reflective material cannot reflect more than 20% of the light.

How much is a ticket for illegal tint in Alabama?

You can receive a maximum of $100 in fines for violating the window tinting limits in Alabama. While this is not a large amount, it may also get you into prison for 10 days, if it’s a first-time conviction.

How do you get a tinted permit?


  1. Log on to
  2. Click tinted permit link on the quick-link menu.
  3. Fill the registration form on the right to obtain an Application ID.
  4. Complete the Application Process by Login in with your email and the Application ID electronically generated.