What is the weight of a skinned blue wildebeest carcass?

What is the weight of a skinned blue wildebeest carcass?

Blue Wildebeest Carcass (Average weight 110 kg = R4950)

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How much does a blue wildebeest weight?

Blue wildebeests can reach 8 feetin length, stand 4.5 feet tall at the shoulders and weigh up to 600 pounds.

How do you calculate the weight of a live carcass?

Hot carcass weight is the weight of the animal immediately after slaughter. To calculate how much meat you’ll receive, use this equation: Live weight x dressing percentage x carcass cutting yield = pounds of meat.

What is the difference between live animal weight and carcass weight?

The amount of meat that is cut and wrapped for consumption will be much less than the live animal weight. A 1200-pound beef animal will yield a hot carcass weight of approximately 750 pounds. Once cooled, the carcass weight will be approximately 730 pounds.

Can you eat blue wildebeest?

Wildebeest are killed for food, especially to make biltong in Southern Africa. This dried game meat is a delicacy and an important food item in Africa. The meat of females is more tender than that of males, and is the most tender during the autumn season.

What is the average weight for a wildebeest?

Black wildebeest: 130 kg

The black wildebeest is typically 170–220 cm (67–87 in) in head-and-body length, and the typical weight is 110–180 kg (240–400 lb). Males stand about 111–121 cm (44–48 in) at the shoulder, while the height of the females is 106–116 cm (42–46 in).

What animal eats a wildebeest?

The major predators that feed on heavy build wildebeests are lions, hyenas, cheetahs and wild dogs.

What is a dead animal’s body called?

Carcass or Carcase (both pronounced /ˈkɑːrkəs/) may refer to: Dressed carcass, the body of a livestock animal ready for butchery, after removal of skin, visceral organs, head, feet etc. Carrion, the dead body of an animal or human being. The structural system or frame of a structure, especially one not normally seen.

How much meat do you get from a 700 pound cow?

How much to expect when buying freezer beef: Part One

Carcass weight, Yield Grade 3 beef steer Beef from whole carcass, pounds
Bone-in cuts Boneless, closely trimmed cuts
600 408 300
700 476 350
800 544 400

How much meat do you get from a 1000 lb steer?

In summary, a steer weighing 1,000 pounds on the hoof will average around 430 pounds of retail cuts (steaks, roasts, ground beef, stew beef, etc.).

What’s the average weight of a blue wildebeest?

The average height of the species is 115–145 cm (45–57 in). While males weigh up to 290 kg (640 lb), females seldom exceed 260 kg (570 lb). A characteristic feature is the long, black tail, which is around 60–100 cm (24–39 in) in length.

How tall does a black wildebeest get on the shoulder?

Males of this species are usually taller than females with the average shoulder height of males being 111-121 cm (44-48 inches) whereas for the females it is 106-116 cm (42-46 inches). These animals are mainly characterized by their long, white horse-like tail and the dark-colored hair under their belly in between their forelegs.

What kind of coat does a black wildebeest have?

The color of the coat of Black Wildebeest ranges from dark-brown to black which can be seen a slightly paler during summer but coarser and shaggier in winter time. A male Black Wildebeest usually has a darker colored coat than females. ? A male Black Wildebeest usually has a darker colored coat than females.

What kind of protein does blue wildebeest have?

Like other wild ungulates, blue wildebeest meat had a higher crude protein (22.28%) and lower lipid (1.06%) content compared to beef, which makes it a healthy alternative to traditional red meat.