What is Vivek mashru doing now?

What is Vivek mashru doing now?

As of August 2020, he is an administrator in IFIM Business School in Bangalore.

Why did Vivek mashru leave Cid?

A source tells us, “He was selected after a nationwide hunt a few years ago for a new face on the show. It’s been almost more than four years since he has been playing the same role. He is keen on doing new things and experiment with different roles rather than doing the same ones again and again.

What is the age of Vivek in CID?

37 years (September 27, 1983)
Vivek V. Mashru/Age

Which episode is Vivek entry in CID?

Episode 660
CID: Episode 660 – Remorseful Vivek – SonyLIV.

What is the real name of Freddy in CID?

Dinesh Phadnis as Inspector Fredricks aka Freddy (1998–2018).

Which is the last episode of CID?

Episode 1548
C.I.D./Latest episode

Is CID stopped?

The series premiered on 21 January 1998 and is the longest-running television series in India. The series aired for nearly 22 years on Sony TV. The last episode aired on 27 October 2018.

Who is DCP Chitrole in CID?

He is the creator and director-producer of the Indian TV series C.I.D. (21 January 1998 to 27 October 2018), and also the longest running TV series in India., which started CID Gallantry Awards in 2010. He has also played an occasional role of DCP Chitrole in CID.

Who is senior Daya or Abhijeet?

Aditya Srivastava as Sr. Inspector Abhijeet (1998,1999–2018). He first appeared as supporting cast named Paresh, who stolen ACP’s gun in episode 39 “The Stolen Gun”. His role as Inspector Abhijeet started in episode 73 “The Case of the Stolen Dynamite – I”. Dayanand Shetty as Sr. Inspector Daya (1998–2018).

Who are the real CID officers?

  • Atulchandra Kulkarni. Addl. Director General of Police, State CID, Maharashtra State, Pune. Shri. Pravin Salunkhe.
  • Pravin Salunke. Special Inspector General of Police, CID Crime (West) Shri. M.N. Jagatap. Supdt.
  • Fattesing Patil. Special Inspector General of Police, CID Crime (East) Smt. Lata Phad. Supdt.

Why did they stop CID?

But now there won’t be any more of these as ACP and his team are bidding adieu. ‘CID’ is going off-air this week. Reportedly, the channel decided to pull down the show abruptly, owing to internal issues with makers.

Is CID coming back in 2020?

Dayanand Shetty of CID fame is all set to make a comeback on TV as a cop in popular show Savdhaan India FIR. If everything materialises, there is a possibility that the team of CID will make a comeback in 2021. The cast is going to be the same but the format will be different of course!”

When did Vivek V Mashru first appear on TV?

He played Inspector Vivek in C.I.D.. He first appeared in C.I.D. on 7 July 2006, when a nationwide hunt called ” CID Operation Talaash ” was launched in search of a new officer to join the CID team which ended on 1 September 2006. Vivek V. Mashru was declared the winner of the hunt and his character’s name is Vivek.

Who is the actor who plays Inspector Vivek?

Vivek V. Mashru (born 27 September 1983) is an Indian actor. He started his acting career in the TV series Akkad Bakkad Bambey Bo. Mashru is known for playing Inspector Vivek in the Sony Entertainment Television’s detective series C.I.D..

Who is winner of Hunt Vivek V Mashru?

Viivek V. Mashru was declared the winner of the hunt and his character’s name is Vivek. Mashru has also appeared in the serials Aankhen and Major Barrister. Besides, Mashru has also appeared in the 2004 movie Morning Raga, where he played munna and he also appeared in Akkad Bakkad Bambey Bo as Arnav Kapoor.