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What is Ward 11 in Ninewells?

What is Ward 11 in Ninewells?

Ward 11 is a 36 bedded cardiothoracic surgical ward. We also care for patients with medical and cardiology conditions. Our Ward Comprises of both 4 and 6 bedded single sex bays.

Why is Ninewells Hospital called Ninewells?

It was called Ninewells because a line of natural springs used to appear now and then and water would run across the dip in the Perth Road. Over the decades the re-surfacing of the road has raised it’s level and the water must now drain underneath.

What is Ward 4 at Ninewells?

ward 4 (general medicine) ward 5 (medicine for the elderly) ward 6 (medicine for the elderly) ward 7 (general surgery/acute surgical receiving unit)

Who owns Ninewells Hospital?

Access International Ltd.
Pioneering maternity and child health care services provider Ninewells Hospital has been acquired by Access International Ltd., one of the fastest growing conglomerates in Sri Lanka.

What is Ward 11 Wishaw?

ward 11 (stroke rehabilitation) ward 12 (orthopaedic/rehabilitation) ward 15 (orthopaedic) ward 16 (surgical), and.

What is Ward 10 Ninewells Hospital?

Ward 10 is a 24 bedded surgical emergency receiving area. Referrals are received from Accident and Emergency, wards within and out with the hospital and General Practitioners. A ten bedded High Dependency Unit is part of Ward 10 and an observational visit can be arranged through your mentor.

Who called me 01382768377?

⚠️ According to our user’s reports, there is a high possibility that the telephone number 01382768377 that called you truly belongs to NHS . Currently, we do not have any official confirmation, so we advise you to be cautious when speaking with the caller.

Who opened Ninewells Hospital?

the Queen Mother
It was officially opened by the Queen Mother in 1974, although some sections were not finished till the following year. A £10m overhaul of Ninewells’ paediatric services saw the department renamed as the Tayside Children’s Hospital in 2006. Ninewells has 862 beds.

What is Amru Ward?

Acute Medical Receiving Unit (AMRU) Assessment and Diagnostic Unit (ADU) Children’s Acute Assessment Unit (CAA) Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) (though CDU will often be a small ward attached to A&E, where patients can be admitted for observation without formal admittance to the hospital.

What year did Ninewells Hospital open?

Ninewells Hospital/Founded

How many beds does Ninewells Hospital have?

Ninewells Hospital/Number of beds