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What jobs are in high demand in Italy?

What jobs are in high demand in Italy?

According to data released by Skills Panorama on the shortage occupations in Italy, the following occupations are likely to face a skills shortage till 2030.

  • Health-related occupations.
  • ICT professionals.
  • Marketing, creative and design professionals.
  • STEM occupations.
  • Teaching professionals.

What is a good job for a bilingual person?

We’ve listed some of the best careers for bilinguals to help get you thinking about what’s possible for you.

  • Translator/Interpreter.
  • Customer Service Representative.
  • Hospitality Manager.
  • Human Resources Specialist.
  • Flight Attendant.
  • Teacher.
  • Writer/Journalist.
  • Healthcare Professional.

What is a good salary in Italy?

In conclusion, earning more than €43.000 with benefits included is considered a good salary in Italy, with many opportunities offering even more than that.

What is the highest paying job in Italy?

The Best Paying Jobs In Italy

  • Surgeons: up to 21,000 Euros a month.
  • Lawyers: up to 14,000 Euros a month.
  • Bank managers: 13,000 Euros a month.
  • Marketing directors: 2,390 to 7,620 Euros a month.
  • College professors: 3,190 to 10,200 Euros a month.

What jobs pay more if you are bilingual?

What are Top 5 Best Paying Related Bilingual Jobs in the U.S.

Job Title Annual Salary Weekly Pay
Bilingual Director $78,855 $1,516
Director Bilingual $77,993 $1,500
Bilingual Spanish Nurse $74,698 $1,436
Federal Bilingual $68,201 $1,312

Is it hard to get a job in Italy?

Let’s begin with the basic: the current employment situation in Italy is quite complicated. Not trying to discourage anybody, but what we realise in here is that finding a job in Italy is difficult even for locals. The problem is not really the lack of jobs, but the total precariousness of the job market.

Is life in Italy good?

Expats in Italy say they love not only the art, culture, impressive architecture, world-renowned food, and easy access to the rest of Europe, but also the slower pace of life and the culture that prioritizes family and friends over work and to-do lists. This is the very definition of the sweet life.

What are some popular jobs in Italy?

Which are popular jobs in Italy?

  • Teaching and Academic Jobs.
  • Tourism and Hospitality Jobs.
  • Sales Jobs.
  • Management Jobs.
  • Part-time Jobs.
  • Admin Jobs.

Which foreign language is highly paid in USA?

Looking for a change of job? You could significantly boost your earnings by learning a new language. But while Spanish, Chinese, and Polish are tops in terms of employer demand, these aren’t necessarily the same ones that attract the highest salaries.