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What kind of bugs are in Monster Bug Wars?

What kind of bugs are in Monster Bug Wars?

Monster Bug Wars is a nature documentary program, created and distributed by Beyond Television Productions, and televised on the Science Channel in the United States, and SBS in Australia. The monster movie format features two kinds of insects, arachnids, myriapods, and other invertebrates in gladiator style combat in…

When did Monster Bug Wars top 10 come out?

Monster Bug Wars Top 10 is a second season compilation episode released in July 2012. This episode included 10 already released bug fights that have been shortened. The following battles are listed below:

What’s the name of the centipede in Monster Bug Wars?

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Where was the TV show Monster Bug Wars filmed?

Like the vast majority of macro productions, this was filmed in a studio situation to allow for controlled lighting and camera operation. It utilized large natural sets which enabled the animals to behave as they would in nature. Between shots of the fight, the two entomologist hosts of the program narrate the action.

Where did Henry Strozier play in the theater?

Henry Strozier is an actor/narrator who was a resident company member of eleven professional theatres around the country: The Asolo, Baltimore’s Center Stage, The Barter Theater, The Loretto-Hilton, The Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival, The Missouri Rep, The Milwaukee Rep, The American Players Theater, the beloved Totem Pole Playhouse and Arena…

What’s the opening narration of Monster Bug Wars?

The opening narration is “In nature’s fight pit, a host of ruthless bugs as bizarre as they are lethal slug it out in real-life battles to the death. Witness epic encounters between swarms of marauding assassins, and vicious one-on-one clashes where only one bug survives.