What kind of music does Reel Big Fish play?

What kind of music does Reel Big Fish play?

Reel Big Fish is an American ska punk band from Orange County, California, best known for the 1997 hit “Sell Out”. The band gained mainstream recognition in the mid-to-late 1990s, during the third wave of ska with the release of the gold certified album Turn the Radio Off.

When does Reel Big Fish live album Come Out?

The band has also recorded a live DVD at The Grove in Anaheim, California, on January 4, 2009; which was released on July 21, 2009 with the title Reel Big Fish Live! In Concert! In an interview with ‘The Examiner’, Aaron Barrett stated that he planned on releasing a new album, with all new material, in late 2011.

When did Reel Big Fish get their first hit?

They released their sophomore album Turn the Radio Off in 1996 and scored their first hit with the single “Sell Out”, an insanely catchy tune that received heavy airplay on MTV and stayed on the Billboard charts for a whopping 32 weeks.

Are there any delays with Reel Big Fish?

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When did Reel Big Fish break into the mainstream?

They broke into the mainstream in the summer of 1997 when their single Sell Out became a mainstay on US rock radio and the still-dominant MTV, and their second album Turn the Radio Off was certified gold.

When did Say Say Say by Reel Big Fish come out?

The song, “Say Say Say” features Scott Klopfenstein on vocals in place of Barrett. The band released its first studio album since leaving Jive Records; Monkeys for Nothin’ and the Chimps For Free worldwide on July 10, 2007, on the Rock Ridge Music record label.