What kind of wheels does the Scott gambler have?

What kind of wheels does the Scott gambler have?

The Gambler was developed to be fully compatible with both 29” and 27.5” wheels. It can be set up for ruthless world cup speed or for hitting the world’s biggest jumps, and to be the best at both – you choose. The bike is also incredibly well balanced.

What is the weight of the gambler tuned?

With the weight advantage, we’ve become experts over the years, and can finally apply this expertise to a downhill race rig. The Gambler Tuned’s carbon frame with hardware comes in at 2650g. Taking everything we’ve learnt from developing frames like the Ransom, we saved weight everywhere we could.

Can a gambler be used on a steep track?

For instance, a bike with geometry for a steep track will roll slowly and push wide in turns on a flatter track, whereas a bike set up for flatter tracks will make it difficult for a rider to keep their center of gravity far enough back for steep tracks. The Gambler was developed to be fully compatible with both 29” and 27.5” wheels.

What does the gambler downhill bike do for You?

Our downhill bikes have always pushed the boundaries of adjustability. Both a rider and a bike need to be able to adapt to tracks, weather conditions and choice of shock (air or coil.) The new Gambler allows you to switch between wheelsizes without changing any other components on the bike.

How to buy a Scott mountain bike for sale?

Our Scott mountain bikes for sale include detailed product descriptions so you can make an informed buying decision. You’ll be able to review the product specs and features. You’ll also get information about the seller, including how to contact the store if you have additional questions.

What kind of suspension does The Gambler have?

The Gambler’s new suspension design allows for a super-light frame package. Using our Evolap layering technology as well as an adapted version of our down tube shock mount construction, we’re able to achieve incredible weight figures for a downhill frame.

Why are there no shock mounts on the gambler?

Designs like the new Gambler which leave the top and down tubes free of shock loads allow us to fine tune flex and create the opportunity to optimize chassis compliance. Part of the magic mix is NOT putting extra forces on the down tube and top tube with shock mounts or linkage pivots.