What kinds of standards does Illinois follow?

What kinds of standards does Illinois follow?

Illinois adopted the common core standards for English Language Arts (ELA) and Math in June of 2010. Illinois continues to have educational standards for early childhood, fine arts, foreign language, physical development and health, science, social emotional, and social science.

What is the C3 framework for social studies?

The C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards is a powerful guide to help each state strengthen instruction in the social studies by establishing fewer, clearer, and higher standards for instruction in civics, economics, geography, and history, kindergarten through high school.

What are the priority standards for social studies?

Social Studies Priority Standards

  • Social Studies Priority Standards.
  • 7-5C2: Explain human characteristics, such as peoples’ education, language diversity, economies, religions, settlement patterns, ethnic background and political system.

Does Illinois use the Common Core Standards?

Illinois adopted the Common Core standards in 2010 after recognizing that it needed to update its existing learning standards. The creators of the Common Core consulted with parents, teachers and school administrators through two public comment periods held in September 2009 and March 2010.

Why does the state of Illinois have professional teaching standards?

We believe that these standards and opportunities should enable teachers to support the intellectual, social, emotional, ethical, and physical development of students, to respond with flexibility and professional judgment to students’ different needs; and to actively engage students in their own learning so that they …

What are the four dimensions of social studies?

The College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Inquiry in Social Studies State Standards is currently being developed through a state-led effort facilitated by CCSSO and supported by 15 professional organizations representing the 4 social studies content areas: civics, economics, geography, and history.

What are the implications for powerful social studies teaching?

* Powerful social studies teaching encourages recognition of opposing points of view, respect for well-supported positions, sensitivity to cultural similarities and differences, and a commitment to social responsibility. 4. Social studies teaching and learning are powerful when they are challenging.

What is the difference between Common Core and state standards?

The Common Core standards are irrefutably more rigorous than current state standards and represent a shift that schools must make in order to prepare students for the increasingly competitive global workforce.